Sunday, March 31, 2019


Well, so do people still mark the passage of time by "celebrating" their blogiversaries around here? I realized the other day that I've passed through yet another year, making it 12 years since I started this book (and life's other adventures) blog. GO ME!

At any rate, it's made me think about the state of the blog and the state of blogging yet again. And the state of it is sad. Have I fallen out of it enough to not know where the action is anymore? Are people still blogging? Where do I go to reconnect if I'm ready to fully commit again? Are all my old faves still out there? Am I just being a bad blog connector myself these days?

Yeah, I'm pretty baffled with the demise of all things blogging. And I blamed it on my own changing interests, but I'm thinking that it's not all me and that many people are also finding other interests and connecting other places these days, yes? But I feel like I'm missing something. Let me know what you think is the THING these days and where I should be talking books if not here! Should I move my book thoughts to instagram for instance?

Anyway, I do miss the good old days. I'm sad that it's peaked and falling down the other side now. I will always look back fondly on so many fun things that happened through blogging! What a fun ride it's been. I plan to keep writing stuff here, but it tends to now truly be more of a journaling place and a spot for me to keep track of books/dramas and such just for myself, as I think not many people are out there keeping up on blogs anymore. But it will be interesting to see how long I last! Twelve years and counting. Let's see what happens!


  1. Congrats on twelve years, wow! Keep blogging as long as you enjoy it- I'm not stopping either!

  2. I think the same thing as you do but my trying out social media hasn't worked out and so I'm back to just blogging and nothing else.

    it seems to be everyone is either at twitter or instagram these days but I still think blogging is the best platform for anyone.

    12 years is quite a long time to keep at one blog which I'm sure is a lot of hard work, so I think it's something to celebrate. happy blog anniversary!

    & have a lovely day.

  3. While I have never been all that connected to any blogging community I've noticed that there is a lot more interactions when people post there thoughts on Youtube or tumblr but said interaction is often negative so I'm not sure if moving there would actually be an enjoyable experience. There still seems be a book blogging community of sorts which I only really notice when I go through the Top Ten Tuesday links on the weeks I join in so maybe look into that if you to find book bloggers.

    I want to let you know that I have been reading your Kdrama reviews that you have been posting these last few months but since I haven't watch them yet I really didn't have anything to say about them other than they sound good and there on my to watch list so I didn't comment on those posts yet, so hope that you'll keep posting reviews here. Also two blogs for Kdramas I really love are Dramabeans and The Fangirl verdict, Dramabeans does episode recaps and have a lot of news about upcoming dramas and The Fangirl Verdict generally has pretty long detailed reviews that I absolutely adore and both blogs have a pretty active comment section.

    1. I used to do Top Ten all the time, but after awhile it seemed like I was just answer the same thing over and over again, so I stopped. Maybe it would be fun to start up again now after a break. Anyway, thanks for reading the kdrama reviews! I was wondering if you were still around! :) I might have to check out some of those other blogs. I just never seem to get around to it, which probably another reason people don't seem to be blogging/reading blogs much anymore... too many other things to do!!

  4. Congrats on 12 years! That is amazing! I miss the older days of blogging as well.



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