Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Meeting Markus Zusak... AGAIN!

Back in 2011 I think it was, all my reader dreams came true when Markus Zusak came to our library and talked about The Book Thief. Previous to that I thought he'd never show up in my neighborhood. And then one day he did. I thought we were lucky then to have that happen. I never imagined it would happen AGAIN!

But it did! It's been THIRTEEN YEARS since The Book Thief came out and now he's making the rounds, like a real true and intense book tour, for Bridge of Clay. And Utah was on the list again.

So last Saturday afternoon, we traveled to the location (picking Jenny up from the airport on the way since she was coming back from vacation just in the NICK of time!). We arrived a good hour or more early which got us a nice leather bookmark, and prime spots in the auditorium for his presentation.

Then he walked in, about a half hour or so early, and sort of started mingling with the crowd. And then people started lining up to get their books signed. I was embarrassed at their audacity! Like, he was going to sign AFTERWARDS! Why bug him NOW? But then they announced that he had to make a flight and wouldn't have a whole lot time afterwards, so he wanted to sign some beforehand too. So of course, we jumped in line then and joined the crazy crowd.

(Actually it wasn't that crowded or crazy, yet, but that line grew and grew and grew.)

Suddenly I was nervous. And soon it was my turn. I wondered if he would remember me (having written me a couple of tweets and a postcard all those years ago and because of my unique-ish nickname) but he didn't. However, he loved my shirt. It said, I am haunted by humans! (I had debated wearing it thinking it was over the top too fangirly and a little cringy but....)

And then he asked could he take a picture of me? Guys. I'm so glad I didn't faint.  I said, sure, and so he did. And then this assistant dude took his phone and took a picture of both of us together with it.. and then with my phone. I was shaking so bad.. and do you think anything AT ALL intelligent came out my mouth. NOT ONE THING! I pretty much didn't say anything. My mind had totally shut off. OH MY GOSH!!

And then we waited until the rest of our group had their moment with him and then we all got to take a group shot. It was awesome.

When he did signings afterwards.. he was doing no posed picture taking... so we really lucked out being there for the pre signing moments and taking advantage of that situation!

Well.. and so we had seen that he was posting pictures of "reading faces" as he traveled around. And so the next question was, would I end up on his instagram? About an hour after we got home that evening, sure enough.... I made the cut! LOL! But he took several "reader faces" pictures so I was one among a bunch. Still. SO CRAZY!!!

But to backtrack...his presentation/speech was awesome as expected. He talked about how important back stories are to make your characters real and for an author to know what's going to happen with the story. He talked about how tiny insignificant things that happen in your life can spark an idea and make it into a story. He talked only a little about his struggle over the past 13 years, mostly that he KNEW what this story needed to be and he just couldn't get to the right place. Until finally he did. I love know that the book we are reading now is exactly what he wanted... finally!

He's just so down to earth and real. And still my favorite author ever. I really hope that he's starting on something new and that it's not so long until we get more!

Here're the pictures:


  1. It was so awesome and I’m pretty sure I said less than you so don’t feel bad. I would have passed out! I almost backed out because I was so tired and ready to see my kitties and husband but when he was speaking I was like, what were you thinking? You could never miss this! He’s so awesome and humble and I’m so glad we got to see him again. Who’d a thunk it?

    1. So glad you didn't back out. I wouldn't have let you anyway....and I wish he could have talked to us for oh, another hour or so at least! :)

  2. I wish I could have gone! Sounds like an awesome event!



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