Saturday, October 13, 2018

Currently: Feeling SO VERY TIRED

Listening: The NCT 127 album which dropped today. Currently it's a song called Fly Away With Me and I really like it. NCT 127 is going to be big. Watch for them. They already strutted their stuff on the red carpet at the AMA's this past week. But here's the song they are promoting. This version is all in English, so no worries on that front! Plus, it has a cool tiger. (I thought it was pretty weird at first, but it's really growing on me. Not the tiger. The song. )

NCT 127 at the AMAs

Watching: We started the latest season of Survivor... because... why not? It started out with a bang when a dude hurt his back during a wild boat ride and had to be pulled from the game on day 3. That was crazy. Also watching a drama called 30 but 17... about a girl who was in an accident when she was 17 and wakes up when she is 30... so she still feels 17. It's so good!

Reading: I have BRIDGE OF CLAY!!! But before I jumped into that, I read a couple other books. I know. It's crazy! Reading is so fun guys! :)

Writing: I put my half written book set in the 80s on my drive and read it all in one sitting, trying to remember what I wrote. Guys. I really liked it. LOL! But I still can't think how to finish it, or how to spiff up the conflicts and drama. Sigh...

Blogging: Hey, not bad, I'm thinking. It's happening!

YouTubing: Ah, but this feels like it's dying. Life is changing for some of us and it makes recording videos hard. BUT. Because of this life change, our content will be taking some new direction. So if you happen to be watching us... you'll see what I mean soon! And here's hoping we aren't really dying, but just having a little transition.

Asking: Why did I stay up until 3 am last night? Cause I was having a great time talking, that's why!

Picture Taking:

Looking Forward To:

  • KPOP and CHILL at Bumblebee's next Friday! Are you in the area? COME!!
  • I GOT JOSH GROBAN TICKETS! That's in a couple weeks. Sitting in the nosebleeds. I'm just going to kick back and listen!
  • I GET TO SEE MARKUS ZUSAK IN ONE WEEK! Yeah. Kick back and listen again. I don't even care what he says! LOL. Though I do hope he tells us all about the past 13 years and how he got through it. Dang, but he's had a hard time.
  • It's almost like my life is going back to normal, right? 

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  1. It definitely sounds like you’re getting some balance in all your loves. I want to read your book! A book in the 80s sounds fun. Those spiders freak me out every year.



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