Saturday, October 27, 2018

Kdrama Review: 30 But 17 (or Still 17)

Drama: 30 but 17 (also known as Still 17)
Genre: Romantic comedy
Starring: Shin Hye Sun, Yang SeJong, Ahn Hyo Seop
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This drama will probably be my favorite of the year, unless I watch something crazy good before the year ends. Which I can't believe will happen.

And I thought I had talked about it here already, but I guess I haven't. So I will fix that now!

The premise behind this one is that our girl gets in a pretty terrible crash just as the drama starts... when she is 17 years old and in high school. It puts her into a coma until we flash to the present day... 13 years later, and she wakes up when she is 30. But to her no time has gone by, so she still feels and acts like a 17 year old.

Our guy, back in high school, had a crush on her. He is trying to figure out who she is (they go to different schools) and he thinks he has learned her name... because it's on her school uniform. But she was wearing her friends jacket at the time. Ooops. He is getting the courage to talk to her.. and they end up on the same bus together. She asks about what stop to get off and he tells her to stay one more stop...then he loses his courage to talk to her so he jumps off. Before they get to the next stop, the accident happens.. and the friend she was with dies.

The friend who's name he THINKS she is. So he now lives his life thinking he caused her death because he told her to stay on one more stop!

We flash to the present day and he is so depressed and tends to disappear a lot to run away from his feelings... still... after 13 years. Our girl, when she wakes up, tries to find her house and aunt and uncle who had been raising her, but when she gets to the house, she finds out that someone else lives there now.... and it's the dude.

Adorable nephew

They have no idea their past was intertwined.

And so starts her new life trying to get used to the fact that she has no family and is now and adult. The people living at this house help her.. so our guy.. and his adorable now 19 year old nephew and the maid... and the two friends that come over all the time. These people become her family. And it's awesome.
With the cute dog

This drama is very funny and had me LOLing so many times. Plus it's heart wrenching and the dude who plays our guy is one of the best criers EVER! And he gets to do this a lot! And the nephew dude is just... so perfect! Basically, I fell in love with every character on this show. There is not a bad dude. The bad thing in this drama is inner conflicts.

Anyway. I loved it. The girl is a violin player so there is a lot of classic music as a backdrop. And the nephew is on a rowing team, so there's a lot of that too. And there's a cute dog and a funny chicken. And the maid is also hilarious with her own tragic back story.

So many good things. And beautiful characters. It was a perfect.

DramaFever, the app where I watched this, died the day after I finished! I was SO GLAD I decided to just watch those last few episodes that day! I would have been so bummed! The loss of DramaFever is pretty painful for this fandom. Sigh.

The song with awesome clips:


  1. Dang it! Are you saying I can’t watch this one now? No!!!!

    1. It's on Kacowa but I think you have to pay to get access. And it's on Viki, but with "restricted access" whatever that means. Not sure if it means you need the premium, or if it's not available in some places. I will keep looking. I've also heard of a place called ondemandkorea and they might have some shows that dramafever had... so. AH! Seriously. It's so good!



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