Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Concert Review: JOSH GROBAN!

I few years ago, I become a Josh Groban fan. Many of you might remember. :) I resisted, as I usually do these things. But when I finally listened to his album, I was smitten. And it went from there. In 2007, I went to my first concert of his, and promptly experienced my first real PCD! (post concert depression) I couldn't think of anything else for weeks. After that, every time he came to our city, I went. And I got tickets as close as I possibly could every single time.

Well, this year he came again. At first I wasn't going to go. I've pretty much spent my concert allowance lately! But then I suddenly realized, I don't need to get close. I can buy the "cheap" seats and just go and sit back and enjoy and listen.

So that's what I did! At the sort of last minute, I bought nosebleed section tickets (for a fourth of a kpop concert ticket, and half of a Broadway show ticket!) and convinced my husband to go with me, something I thought would never happen (it helped that Idina Menzel would also be there!)

And so I found myself at my FIFTH Josh Groban concert this week. Way at the top... and when he came on, he was a blur. We were even too high to see the jumbotron (the speakers were in the way). But it was all good as his voice FILLED the arena and I got chills many many times over. My love for Josh has not gone away. Only taken a back seat for a time!

Idina Menzel opened the show and sang for an entire hour. She is full of spunk and personality and is a joy to see. (This is the second time seeing her. We went to a concert for just her a few years ago.) She sang several new to us songs... but also included the ones everyone wanted to hear... Let It Go and Defying Gravity. So Much Fun!!!

Then after a quick stage change, Josh came out . (With much less fanfare than he usually does. I think he must be mellowing in his old age too!) He sang quite a few from his new album, and several of his old standbys too. Idina came back out and sang Lullaby with him, and I forget what else. A couple others. He did several covers, Billy Joel's She's Always a Women, and Paul Simon's Bridge Over Troubled Water to name a few. And he of course sang several Broadway numbers like Pure Imagination and Bring Him Home. Ah... SO GOOD!! He only sang a couple of his famous Italian songs... but one of them is my all time favorite: Alla Luce.

He "ended" the show with You Raise Me Up as he usually does, but then came back for the encore of Bridge Over Troubled Water and what else? Gah I forgot already. He did sing Awake, which brought me memories of that first concert mentioned above and also memories of life during that time.. and I was suddenly weepy. Dang good times those.

I'm so glad I decided WHAT THE HECK at the last minute and bought those way up high tickets. It was awesome seeing him again.  And so it turns out, I still love Josh Groban. :)


  1. Yep! Those are the nose bleeds but I’m glad you went and enjoyed. He really does have a beautiful voice. I bet Bring Him Home was awesome!

  2. I was wondering if you went to that! I love his Stages album!



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