Thursday, November 1, 2018

Movie Review: Little Women

Movie: Little Women
Genre: Classic retelling
Starring: Lea Thompson, Ian Bohen, Lucas Grabeel, Sarah Davenport
Rating: PG13
My rating: two thumbs up

So it's been awhile, but Jenny and I randomly at the spur of the moment went to this movie together about a month ago and I've been wanting to tell you all about it!

I went in knowing nothing except that it was a modern re-make of Little Women, which was intriguing, but made me a little nervous.

But no need, I was pleasantly surprised! It's a really great retelling and I loved what they did with it! Especially the Freddy/Mr. Bhaer dude!

So the story is told in flash back mostly, since we are with Jo in the present day as she is trying to become a writer in New York. We see her pitch her book to a panel of judges and they reject it, including Professor Bhaer, but Jo tracks him down and persists and he becomes her mentor and friend. As she is doing this, we get flashbacks to her childhood days, and thus the main parts of the book we know so well!

So I really enjoyed seeing them form a relationship and it made that whole romance much more plausible and real. In fact this time I think I was actually rooting for it to happen! WEIRD!

Not a bad Professor Bhaer, eh?

The cast was great. All the girls were awesome and perfectly cast. The banter and tension between Amy and Jo was tangible and real. I died seeing Stuart Edge (a favorite local YouTuber) playing Mr. Brooke. He did great, but WHAT? No kissing scene for him???

I thought I recognized the dude playing Laurie the whole movie, but wasn't totally sure. So afterward we looked him up and YEP, the High School Musical dude! (Not Zach of course, but the brother, I forget his name!) And he did great too. Though I am still quite the Christian Bale fan when it comes to Laurie. Yeah. Not sure that will ever change.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it and having it the present day totally worked for me. Way to go guys!

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  1. I thought this was fun. I liked seeing Jo and Prof Bhaer's relationship form too.



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