Monday, August 1, 2016

Fancasting Prince/Emperor Kai Kpop Style

So we thought it would be fun to try do a "mash up" of our two fandoms... the booksish and the kpop....and thus the "which kpop idol would make a good Prince Kai"  video was born!

Yes, we are talking about THAT Kai, the one who features in the Lunar Chronicles books by Marissa Meyer. The prince that befriends and falls in love with Cinder. The leader of the Eastern Commonwealth. The guy who is being manipulated by the evil queen.

Since becoming fans of kpop music, it's only natural that we start fancasting certain music idols into the roll of Prince Kai. In fact, some of them would make a perfect Kai. And so we couldn't help but share our thoughts.

So, watch our latest video here where we present to you our suggestions... taken from various kpop groups... and let us know if we came close to how you envision this character:

We would love to know what you think! Let us know with a comment here... or there! And if you have your own ideas of who would make a good Prince Kai... let us know that too! Also, what other Asian characters should we fancast? This video was too much fun to make so we need to do it again!


  1. Even though others are too old for Prince Kai, I'd probably go with someone older like Siwon. That way I don't feel creepy, you know?

    1. Jenni: Why would you feel creepy choosing someone that looks like Kai? Hmmmm??????

  2. You guys are having way too much fun! I'd go with your first choice (sorry Megs and Toto) Minho!

    1. Jenny: YES!! Ah, isn't he the cutest though? Yeah, finding pictures for this video was...a silly endeavor and so much fun!



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