Thursday, August 25, 2016

Utah Book Week Day Four: FAVORITE

Ah, today's prompt is favorite! How open ended is that? I'm going with a random list. Enjoy!

Favorite Utah book: Edenbrooke and Blackmore both by Julieanne Donaldson
Favorite Utah author: Brandon Sanderson
Favorite Utah library: Orem of course!
Favorite Utah restaurant: Bombay House (this is only in Utah, right?)
Favorite Utah saying: Oh my heck!
Favorite Utah mountain: Timpanogos
Favorite Utah band: VanLadyLove... no wait... Imagine Dragons! BOTH!
Favorite Utah drive: Alpine Loop
Favorite Utah lake: Mirror Lake
Favorite Utah resort spot: Moab
Favorite Utah National Park: Arches
Favorite Utah Korean store: Pink Kokiri
Favorite Utah grocery store: Macys
Favorite Utah book store: The King's English
Favorite Utah ski resort: Sundance
Favorite Utah event: Salt Lake Comic Con
Favorite Famous Utah person: Donny Osmond
Favorite Utah college: BYU
Favorite Utah hike: Stewart Falls
Favorite movie filmed in Utah: The Sandlot... oh and Savannah Smiles
Favorite TV show filmed in Utah: That one Dr. Who episode... you know the one?
Favorite Utah food: Funeral potatoes
Favorite Utah concert place: SCERA Shell
Favorite Utah theater: Capitol Theater

Okay... well... I could probably go on and on. What favorite Utah thing do you want to know about that I didn't list here?


  1. I love this! Where is Pink Kokiri? Have you tried that Asian Market I recommended yet? I have a hard time chooses favorites. I don't like picking just one thing.

    1. Kami: It's by Macey's on 800 N and State. I haven't gone to the Asian market yet.

  2. I'm stealing youridea. :) And, I love your choices.

  3. Fun list! It's got me thinking.

  4. Fun list! I had no idea The Sandlot was filmed in Utah. I love that movie :)



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