Monday, August 22, 2016

Utah Book Week Day One: STACK

Utah Book Week starts today! My plan is to post each day on a theme that corresponds with the Instagram Challenge themes:

Here's the thing about my Utah Books stack. It grows by a HUGE amount every year and there is no way that I can keep up. It's insane really, the amount of books authors here in Utah are writing. What's up with that? We've discussed it a bit before, but something is going on here. It would be nice if whatever it is I could figure out how to tap into it!!

Anyway, in another post I will list all the Utah books I've read this year, but in this post (and for my instagram picture) I have gathered just a few books that happen to be in the nearby vicinity:

I plan to work on at  least one of these this week, but the rest... I'm afraid they'll still be waiting. And seriously, these are just the ones that happen to be within arms reach for a quick picture. Don't you think that's crazy?


  1. It is crazy! Every time we do this I think I'll never be able to find anything to read. The. I go look at my shelves. And there's a million others I don't own!

  2. That is crazy! I have quite a few to get through still too. I'm hoping to read/finish 3 this week, but we'll see. Good luck on reading the one! I can't wait to see which one it is.

  3. My comment was originally very similar those before... So.... I hope you find your reading mojo soon and happy reading!

  4. That's an impressive stack! Good luck with your reading

  5. I thought 'The Paper Magician' series was excellent! Happy reading!

  6. It is amazing how many Utah authors there are. I remember going to my first writing conferences and being blow away by that. Good luck with your reading this week!

  7. Yes, craziness! One of my goals this year is to get read my stack of books that I own and haven't read. It is getting out of hand.

  8. I don't know too much about this challenge, but this is an amazing stack of books! I hope you love MLJ; I thought it was amazing, and soooo funny :D

    - Eli @ The Silver Words



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