Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kdrama Review:Kill Me, Heal Me

Drama: Kill Me, Heal Me
Genre: Drama
Starring: Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

So my sister Megs has been begging me all summer to watch this one. But first, we watched Healer and I thought nothing could compare to that one, and anyway, when it was over and I needed something to watch next, she convinced me this one was it.

And let me just say, it came close to or even maybe surpassed the intensity and drama that was Healer! Whoa, two in a row that good? This stuff is crazy!

This one is about a guy who is suffering multiple personality disorder. He hires this new doctor to help him get a rein on these personalities. Together, they investigate his past and before long, all is revealed. His memories he has been suppressing come back and whoa, they aren't quite what he expected!!!

And of course, in the process, they fall madly in love.  I mean of course they do! Ah, it's the best!

The subject matter of this one is pretty intense and sad and traumatic. And yet, with this guy having to act out several personalities, there's a lot of moments of some very funny stuff and comedy. It's a great mix of both.

If you've seen She Was Pretty, this one stars the same girl and the same guy, but in this drama they are brother and sister, so that's a little weird at first. She is a lot the same, but he plays a character that's completely different from She Was Pretty. (In fact, his character reminded quite a lot of Siwon's character in She Was Pretty... which meant.. I loved him completely! He is ten times cuter in this drama than he is in She Was Pretty! How can that be???)

Park Seo Joon is perfect in this one as the loving big brother.

But... let's talk about the main dude in this one... oh my goodness! He can jump from personality to personality with this most amazing acting ability that is just something you have to see. It's just... the best ever. And he has his "good" side personality... and his "bad" side (among many others) and that bad dude... wow. Just... how he can get you to be so so sympathetic to him so so fast. It's crazy!!

Ji Sung as sexy "bad" guy Shin Se Gi

Crazy good!

I loved it. I was sobbing through many scenes toward the end. And giggling so much during others. I just... I have no words.

And now I'm in a drama funk and think that there's nothing that can compare to these two... so... what's a drama addict to do?

Here's a tiny little trailer that introduces you to all the personalities:

Here's the most awesome theme song along with more clips from the show:

And for those of you who know this guy from She Was Pretty where he acted like he was a terrible singer, see for yourself how he was faking it big time! Here he is singing another song from this drama:

So... bottom line... WATCH IT! :)


  1. OKAY! Now maybe you will understand how after watching Kill Me, Heal Me and then Healer and THEN Love from Another Star, I was just "Meh" about it... I mean.... just.... THESE TWO DRAMAS ARE MY FAVORITE!!!! (in a totally different category from She Was Pretty) And Ji Sung is SUCH an amazing actor... and then Ji Chang Wook... [swoons] I am kinda sad that you are beating me to review all my favorites, but you do it so much better than me, so I will just link mine to yours and call it good. But seriously people... WATCH THIS ONE!!! SO BLASTED GOOD!!!!! "OPPA!" [laughs hysterically]

  2. Yes! Ji Sung is simply AMAZING in this show, isn't he? How he jumps from personality to personality and each one is so vastly different from the others. His acting abilities are awesome! I watched this one live and it had me every single week anxiously waiting to find out what was going to happen!

    1. Kara: I can't even imagine waiting between episodes on this one. I could not stop...

  3. And....did I miss your review of Healer?

  4. They all sing! I swear none of them have bad voices. It must be something in the water there. I wonder if Kami can sing...



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