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Blog Tour and Review: The Hitler Dilemma by Carolyn Twede Frank

Book: The Hitler Dilemma by Carolyn Twede Frank
Genre: YA Historical Fiction
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
For: Review (and supporting local authors)
From (and FTC Disclosure:) Received for free from the author. All opinions are my own. 

Short Synopsis: This is the story of Max, a German who is 14 about the time Hitler is coming to power in Germany. Like all other youth, he has to attend the Hitler Youth groups and school has changed to include much Nazi propaganda. Hitler is promising to make a better Germany, but the things Max sees happening around him makes him think otherwise. He begins to worry about when the time comes for him to be drafted into the Germany army. And of course, it comes. He is torn with anxiety over it because his beliefs do not allow him to fight for this man. But he is able to understand that if he just does his duty, he will survive. His faith helps him through the experience.

This is told from the point of view of an older Max as he is travelling to live in Utah and his looking back and remembering these experiences. I think for young people reading this book, this method helps them to know that Max truly does make it through some of the harrowing things he faces, because there are some pretty hard things to read.

My Response: I found it to be a very real and touching story, one that I'm sure so many kids went through during this time, no matter the faith they belonged to. I mean, look at The Book Thief! Yes, this is a story sort of like that one where we see the events of World War II from the perspective of the German people and how they simply had to deal with it and to do things they didn't want in order to save their own lives, or the lives of their families. It's heartbreaking. But the story is uplifting and inspirational, all told based on the real life experiences of a man the author knew.

Bottom Line: Great book for kids to learn what it would have really been like as a German teenager during this period in history.

Let's Talk About: Books like this make me want to ponder what I would have done had I lived during this time. Could I have just calmly let my kids join the army? Or see my brothers be sent away? Or send my kids to Hitler Youth?  Even, "heil Hitlered" without thinking? Watch my Jewish friends be hauled away? You know, it's a hard hard thing to think about but I would imagine that most of us would have done much like this family did, or like Leisel's and Rudy's family... just try to stay inconspicuous and get through it the best you can.

Here's the book trailer if you're interested:

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About the author: 

Carolyn grew up in Utah and went to school at USU. She always wanted to write, but dropped it when a teacher tore her down to the point that she gave it up. She instead majored in Biology and started her own company. Now that she has raised her family and has been successful in her business, she has rediscovered her love for writing and writes YA/Middle grade historical fiction and speculative fiction. Be sure to visit her at her website.


  1. Wonderful review and insights. Thank you so much.

  2. This sounds fascinating and thought provoking. Thanks for putting it on my radar!



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