Sunday, July 15, 2018

K drama Review: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Drama: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Genre: Historical romance
Starring: Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung, Jinyoung
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This is a little older drama (aired in 2016) that has been on my radar to watch forever it seems! Finally! 

It's a historical one set in the Joseon Dynasty about the prince and his eunuch, and how they fall in love. Yes, his eunuch is actually a girl who has been disguising herself as a dude all her life to keep in hiding from the people who are searching for her dad (and his family). Her dad is a rebel who has tried to revolt against the dynasty.  

So somehow she ends up coming to the palace as a new eunuch. (How she got through that process is quite funny!) And ends up catching the eye of the beautiful, arrogant prince. He is a little baffled when he finds himself drawn to this little eunuch, but then he conveniently finds out she is a she and then he really runs with it! He truly doesn't care what everyone thinks.

Well, they have to be discreet still of course, but he's so cute and romantic with her!

Park Bo Gum: His smile is a killer

But it can't last of course because when he finds out who she truly is,  things come crashing down!

Of course there's a second male lead (not a love triangle but he does love her too) who happens to be the prince's childhood friend. And also belongs to the family that hopes to usurp the throne. Conflict!
Second male lead played by Jinyoung from the band B1A4.
He is adorable. His band is adorable. 

Anyway, this guy is awesome too and ends up playing quite the roll in everything. Also, there's another friend that we the audience fall in love with. So many awesome side characters as always!

The other friend who pretty much stole the show.

It's a great one for a fun, but not confusing, historical drama. Park Bo Gum is adorable. As is all the rest of them. The music is dramatic and epic, the love songs beautiful. Everything! I loved it.

Here's the trailer:

And a song with some awesome clips:

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Book Review: Grace and the Fever by Zan Romanoff

Book: Grace and the Fever by Zan Romanoff 
Genre: YA contemporary
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆  

Books about fandom have been intriguing me lately so when this one came to my attention, I immediately found it at the library and dove in.

It's about a girl who has loved a boy band for years, and even when it went out of style with her friends as they grew up, she continued to secretly love them. Even to the point of having a Tumblr blog that was extremely popular and followed by thousands.

But it was a secret from everyone in her real life.

So one day when the band comes to her city (LA? Yes, I think they are in LA... all bands come to LA) she is pondering "stalking" them at their hotel, though she really thinks it's probably not a good idea. Instead, that evening, she goes for a walk and runs into a dude, all alone, sitting there smoking by a car... just a few blocks from her house.

When he turns around and looks at her, she about dies when she realizes he is one of the dudes from the band. So they talk... but the paparazzi find them after only after a few minutes and it ends in chaos and confusion.

But, it's enough to get her noticed by this band and before you know it, she has this guy's number and he texting her and inviting her to things.

So I thought it was going to be about a relationship between her a band dude that she has loved her whole life.

But I felt like this was sort of a bait and switch story, because it actually seemed like it was more about her obsession with a couple of the OTHER guys in the band, the guys who she wrote about on her blog for years, speculating about how she thinks that they are together in a romantic relationship. She had written very detailed things about why she thought this. And so when she got up close and personal with the band, she was more invested in discovering their secret (because of course they weren't out and it was all speculation) then she was about getting close to the other guy.

Anyway. After awhile things completely fall apart as these things tend to do, and then it's about her trying to deal.

So did I like it? I have to say... ish. There was some interesting observations about fandom that I loved seeing thought up and said in words. (Mostly this feeling is hard to describe, you know?)  Like describing the feeling of being with people who love the same thing you do. It's pretty amazing. And it creates an energy that I feed on.

But in the end, I was a little disappointed by it. The relationship fell flat and the whole obsession over the other boys was just sad. Though,  I did relate because in my fandom, people do this very same thing. It's crazy. Some of the stuff that was said about this band could have totally been about BTS, but the author actually had One Direction in mind when she wrote it.

I'm glad I found and read it. But it's still not the perfect/best book to describe that overwhelming feeling of being in a crazy fandom.

Friday, June 29, 2018


Today we are seeing this band in San Jose! UP10TION!! They are a smaller less known band and so we will be seeing them in a very small venue (only a few hundred) and will get to meet them before the concert and take pictures with them afterwards.

Here's how cute they are:

 How great they dance:


 They can do sexy too:


 And sing beautifully:


 I would do an Introducing post, but that will have to wait for later when I have more time! Anyway. We are excited to see them. Understatement of the year.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

K drama Review: Tempted

Drama: Tempted
Genre: Drama
Starring: Woo Do Hwan, Joy, Moon Ga Young, Kim Min Jae
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I wanted to watch this one because it starred a guy I hadn't seen anything from yet, but have heard so much about. Also, it has Joy from Red Velvet which, I guess she is okay, but not my favorite. One of the side characters is a favorite too, and so I watched! Also, the clips and teasers were... TEMPTING! Ha.

But this was a sad drama. So sad. Because our four main kids... just graduated from high school, all come from really messed families. And seeing them deal with the crap their parents and families dish out... ah, it's frustrating! But three of them together (the two guys and one girl) make their own little safe place and while they have issues too (they are so very naughty and mean) they seem to be surviving with the help of each other. 

Then something happens, and everything gets shaken up. The girl gets dumped by a dude and it makes her so mad that she wants revenge. She learns who his "first love" is (she thinks) and so she is out to make this girl's life miserable. (Not sure what fault she has in anything, but yeah.) And to do that she dares one of the guys to make her fall for him and then break her heart.

See, mean kids!

Well, of course, he sets out to do this and then falls in love with her for reals. But she is very leery of him, because she can tell something is up. So she is good and cautious.

Meanwhile, we find out what's going down with the parents and all their stories are mixed up with each others. And the kids star finding out stuff and it makes them start to lose it.

So between that and the whole falling in love when they aren't supposed to.. their safe haven gets shaken up. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed the romance part, even though there wasn't as much of it as the clips and teasers made me expect! The dude was as awesome as expected though. Dang boy. The other parts were frustrating and just made me crazy. However, I was pretty hooked as you well know.

Here's a trailer (two teasers back to back): 

And the lovely romantic song by my favorite from SEVENTEEN... DK! Way to go boy! Ah I love his voice!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Book Review: The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith

Book: The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith
Genre: YA Contemporary
Rating: ★ ★ ★   ☆ 

Slowly but surely I've made my way through all these books from this author that have a similar YA romance theme. This one is about a guy and girl who live in the same NY apartment building (she in a nice apartment and he in the basement as the janitor's son) and one day they get stuck in the elevator together, just for short while. But it's long enough that now they start noticing each other everywhere.

Well, that night when the power doesn't come back on and they find themselves both alone (parents otherwise occupied) they hangout out on the roof together all night. So it's a bit longer than just the elevator!

But then their paths don't cross that much. And our girl ends up going to London and Scotland with her parents and then our boy ends up traveling across the US with his dad, both of them trying to come to grips with their lives... and yet still thinking about each other all the time.

They send postcards. But after awhile even that stops.

So where does the story go then? Maybe they'll somehow find each other even though there is all this space between?


As with all of her books, I found it to be a fun and sweet story. Cute romances... all of them! I was frustrated that these two weren't together for most of the book, but still. It was fun!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Book Review: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Book: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Genre: YA Contemporary
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆  ☆ 

We are discussing this highly hyped and buzzed book for book club this week. Everyone is a little nervous I think. It's a hot and emotional topic. I have no idea if we are all on the same page or not! (Lol, same page... )

Anyway, this story is about our girl who in the opening pages of the book witnesses her friend getting killed by the cop that pulled them over. Killed for no reason. There was no threat and nothing that happened that should have made the cop nervous.

But now it's her word against his. Which, as we all know, are not good odds.

And so then we get immersed into this girl's life and all the not so fun things she has to deal with. How she is torn between her "black" life and her "white"life. (Not that she is even a little white, but that she goes to a white school and has to act like a different person there... or thinks she has to.) How her family is not your normal typical family. How she has to deal with the fear of the gang leader causing constant problems. How she is in love with a white dude, who has just as hard a time being accepted by her family has a black dude might  in a white family.

So, she struggles to get the courage to testify against the cop, which she does and of course... he gets let off. (I guess that could be a spoiler, but I'm pretty sure we all know what this book is about!) And then the riots start.

It's pretty scary actually. And the family is very affected. So sad all the crap they have to go through. But I love the relationship between her parents. One of my favorite things of the book actually, and it shows how these kids who deal with all this scary stuff, how they get through it somehow. With the support of great family and neighbors.

Bottom line it's a book written to address the black lives matter movement. And it does so in a pretty good eye opening way without being overly in your face. There were times when I felt like I was getting sat down and lectured to, or taught a lesson. But I guess for the most part I was okay with that.

I still do wish I would have gotten to know the boy better... I needed to be more connected to him to feel the pain of this incident more. The girl was hard for me to get to know too, I don't know why. But she grew on me.

So I enjoyed the book for the most part. The language was harsh. The subject hard. The story good. The writing just okay. The characters borderline. The buzz was huge and now I'm glad I know what it was all about!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Currently: Blah Mostly

Listening: To absolutely nothing right now and the silence it killing me. I need to be listening to the new BTS album. Or some of the songs I've added to the playlist this week. Or Up10tion's songs so I can be totally familiar with the ALL before the concert. Or at least my ballad playlist for this lovely Sunday afternoon. Something! Please!

Watching: We went to see Solo the other day. I enjoyed it! Yes. Again, lots of throwbacks to the original, but that's to be expected I think. I will have a real review sometime this week hopefully. I finished the latest drama several days ago and am trying to hold back starting another until I read for a bit. It's hard. It's like saying, I finished a book, but I'm not going to start another one for a few days. Like, who says that! LOL!

Reading: I finished the book club book for the month: The Hate U Give. Look for that review this week too. It was good, but hard to digest. I don't know if I'm going to be able to articulate my thoughts. Anyway, I started a fluffy-ish one right away after finishing it.... The Geography of You and Me. 

Blogging: I made a list and I have a ton of things to blog about! I'm trying to catch up slowly but surely. And hopefully as I catch up, I will continue to have a list of things to blog about!

YouTubing: I was just looking at past "Currently" posts and one from this time last year said " about to reach the 10,000 subscriber mark!" And now, one year later I can say... "About to reach the 20,000 subscriber mark!" Seriously though. It sounds awesome, but I feel like we can do even better. When I see other channels exactly like ours with 200,000 subs... or even 1 million subs, then 20,000 seems like small beans. Sigh. Then again, I don't really want the headache that can come with a channel that's actually popular. So, there's that too.

Looking forward to: Our first Kpop concert of the year! UP10TION!! It's coming up in about 2 and half weeks and I'm so excited I might die of butterfly overload. We'll be flying to San Jose, and it will not only be the concert and also meeting the band, having them sign the CD and getting pictures taken and all sorts of stuff. Can't wait!

Asking: Why is my lawn dead already? And why didn't the carrots pop up even despite the fact that I gave them beautiful dirt to grow in???? WHY????

What's up with you all these days?


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