Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thirty Days of Books: Under vs. Over

Here are two more prompts for the 30 Days of Books event going on over at Jenni Elyse's:

An underrated book:

Ah this book and this series. So so so good. And why does it not get the buzz that so many other series get? It's every bit as good as them, and better in fact. I pondered using this one for my favorite series prompt but decided to save it for this prompt because I feel it is so very underrated. Guys. READ IT. I promise you'll  love it.

An overrated book:

On the flip side, the buzz this book got made me think it was going to AH-MAZING. Like blow my mind out of the water suspense and twisty-ness and all that. But no. It was same old same old in that category and really really below par in all the other categories. Snoozer! Guys. If you haven't read it... please... skip it!

Participate with your own answers by posting and linking up at Jenni's!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Book Review Thoughts: Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie

Book: Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating:★ ★ ★ ☆☆

We read this one for book club because a bunch of us went to the book launch and bought the book. I'd heard great things and the premise sounded awesome, but because of the ongoing book slump and a weird inability to focus on reading these days, it fell a bit flat for me in the end... generally speaking.

This is the story of girl who is born with the ability to sense the emotions of everyone around her. It's troublesome because she has a big issue distinguishing between her own emotions and those of others. Especially when there's a build up of emotion from a huge group or crowd. This happens in the beginning and causes and incident at the convent where she is being trained and it changes her life. Mostly because right after that, the prince came to retrieve another Auraseer for the Emperor, because his has just been executed.

And because now she is the only one (mostly) that's left... she gets picked to go.

And now she has to hang out with this Emperor and tell him if she senses anything wrong with the people around him. Like... perhaps... if someone wants to kill him.

Ah, this dude. He's a slick one. And because he decides he wants to seduce her, she suddenly feels like she's in love with him. Tricky, these emotions!

And the prince, the one who came to retrieve her... he's awfully attractive too. She is confused and wow, the emotion is swirling!! Does she like him or does she not?

Much of the book is this issue with these two boys set in the backdrop of the political maneuverings going on by the masses to try and change how they are governed. Do they kill the Emperor? Make him abdicate? Or figure out some other nicer way?

It reminded me quite a bit of Red Queen and also Throne of Glass. Same sort of setting and feel anyway, so if you like those books you might want to give this one a try.

But for me, most of the time I had to push myself through and had to glaze over the detailed political talk and deal with the repetitive emotional upheaval. Also, I found myself especially critical of the writing as I saw so many of the "don'ts" that I'm constantly warned about in my writing classes happening in this book.

Bottom Line: I mean... it was okay and was pretty exciting in parts. But it mostly made me want to read a contemporary romance or something.

Other Reviews:

Without revealing too many spoilers I was happy with the overall result but the last few chapters just did not sit well with me. From Dark Faerie Tales
It is the perfect book for any kind of occasion, whether to pick you up out of a reading slump, or to brighten your mood, or you keep you on the edge of your seat and make you want to stay up all night. From Behind the Pages

Still I liked exploring the Auraseer ability, and I liked the suspense of the story. If you are one who likes YA fantasy, this is one to try, but keep in mind it might require some patience. From Rainy Day Ramblings

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thirty Days of Books: Happy and Sad

The latest two prompts for Jenni's 30 Days of Books:

What book makes you happy? What book makes you sad?

Well, the first one is hard because what do you mean by happy? They pretty much all do that. What makes me laugh? I can never remember the laughing ones. All my favorites though seem to be a bit on the tragic side. However, when looking through my list of favorites I think this one does the trick for making me feel happy and good and warm and light:

On the other hand, this one makes my heart hurt and oh so sad. The end pretty much kills me:

What books make you espeically happy and/or sad? Come link up with us over at Jenni Elyse's!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Movie Review: Captain America Civil War

Movie: Captain America: Civil War
Genre: Superhero adventure
Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and many more!
Rating: PG 13
My Rating: two thumbs up

Well wow it took me awhile to get to this one. Life has been crazy the past while. But finally, this past Saturday afternoon... there we were, at the IMAX with 3D glasses on. YES!

I was worried about this one. I mean how would I ever pick sides? Who would I be rooting for? I knew I needed to see what the situation was to cause this civil war. And I was a bit sad before it even started!

Anyway. So after an incident it's decided that the Avengers perhaps need some guidelines, maybe some direction, some rules to follow. Perhaps maybe they shouldn't just go into a situation with all their guns blazing and do stuff with no consequences.

Sounds good right. But then, perhaps there's something that might need doing where they won't have to go ahead to do it and then what. Then do they just stand back and do nothing.

Ah. It's a no win situation!

Well, in order to keep it spoiler free here I'll say that one of our heroes wants one of the above things and one wants the other. They each recruit their team and suddenly find themselves fighting each other. It's a bit funny and a bit confusing. I couldn't keep track of which one was on which team.

Let the fight begin!

But in the end, they join forces again and work together. That is. Until they don't. Because there's a big reveal which changes the game again and then things get serious.

Ah jinjja! It was hard to watch then!

And yes, there's a bad guy behind all of this and he is out for some bit time revenge and he wants to destroy the Avengers from the inside. He did an almost pretty good job of it to.

But let me just say that previous to this movie, Bucky sort of fell under the radar for me but after seeing this actor (Sebastian Stan) at Comic Con... let's just say, I'm a fan. Yeah. For me this movie wasn't really much about Captain America or Iron Man, but more about Bucky. Who's with me?


Bottom Line: Fans of the Marvel Universe won't want to miss it, that's for sure. It's up there with the best of them.

Here's the trailer:

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Thirty Days of Books: Series Talk

I'll be trying to participate in Jenni's 30 Days of Books this next month, but I'll be hit and miss and sometimes two on one day, like today, where I'm covering two prompts in one.

What's your favorite series and what's your favorite book in your favorite series?

Okay, well. I'm having trouble thinking what my favorite series is, but let's go with one that is a recent favorite, which is the Starbound Trilogy:

I adore these books. So very creative and clever and different. A cool world, sometimes in space, sometimes not. Smart attractive awesome characters. An interesting bad guy. A situation that you wouldn't quite expect and one that they must all solve and there seems to be no solution.

I don't know. I just loved it.

And I supposed the first book was my favorite. Because... Tarver. And stranded with Tarver. And forbidden love and all that. And the surprise weird freaky ending. Yeah. I should totally read this again. Actually, I have read many of my favorite parts over and over.

It's awesome stuff.

What's your favorite series? Link up here!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sing Along Saturday: Love, True Love

Hey guys! Sharing more music today! The prompt over at Bookish Things and More is:

What's your favorite song that celebrates love?

Well. How about we go back to my Josh Groban days for this one? At least to start out with!

Here's one of my favorites JG songs called In Her Eyes. This live clip was filmed at the concert I went to years ago. Though sadly, he came down through the audience across the arena from where I was sitting. Still. It was awesome. That concert remains one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

There are so many more great love songs by Josh. Sigh.

Also, I think most of  Enrique Iglesias' songs celebrate love... the steamy steamy kind! I have a ton of favorites, but this one is probably the most well known and I've always loved the lyrics so so much:

And finally, here's my kpop contribution to the theme this week. This is one of my favorite Super Junior songs... I'm determined to learn the Korean lyrics so I can actually sing along with them.  Watching this video with the English translation makes me realize how poetic these lyrics are (like so many of them) and how much we actually lose in translation. Makes me a little sad. Anyway, this is a great love song called All My Heart.

And now don't you feel all lovey dovey? I hope you enjoyed  me songs. Post your own favorite love songs and link up over at Bookish Things and More!

I can't wait to see what'll be up for next week!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thirty Days of Books: Three Times a Charm

Today's (actually yesterday's since I'm a day behind) prompt for 30 Days of Books happening over at Jenni Elyse's is:

What book have you read more than three times?

Well, here's the deal. After about three I start loosing track. But I can say that there aren't many books I've read much more than three. I'm not a HUGE re-reader...  especially to the point that I read something over and over and over again.

That being said, I think the book I've read the most times is:

Yeah, I think every time I read this one I love it more. I love the style, the language, the banter, the set up, the reveals, the crazy family life, the quirky characters, the swoony characters. All of it. I'm not a "read it every year" kind of person, but I'll re-read to read with someone, or skim through parts just to feel the feels again.

It's an awesome book.

But I think you all know that.

Join the party and link up here with the book you've read more than three times!


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