Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Random Ramblings

Lots of stuff's been going on here so I thought I'd do one of those fun random posts, you know? Here goes.

First, how about some wedding pictures? Just a couple...

Here's wedding number one from back in March. My son and his new wife:

And here's part of the crowd (my and my husband's families that were there):

And then just a week and half ago my daughter got married. Here's our family as it stands now with two new kids!

When I look at this picture, I see that I have some pretty cute kids... but I also see that I need to get busy doing some Zumba and some boxing and QUICK! Ugh. I hate pictures of myself.

Anyway. So that happened. It was fun and exciting and I'm glad it's all over!

Let's see. What else?

** We've planted a garden... most of one. We have a bunch of seeds left to plant still. The above brand new couple might come and help with that. I think they'd get into it.

** We celebrated ten years of book club! But I wrote about that already!

** I haven't written anything on my story at all and so we are trying to get the writing group going again. I would love to have it all edited and stamped DONE by the end of the summer! And then I can start thinking of another story!

** I'm moving stuff all around our house. Two kids moved out, which left the other one able to move downstairs, which now leaves his room upstairs vacant. And now I want to decorate it up and put a big desk in there... and write like crazy! Blog posts! Journal posts! Novels! Letters! Write write write!!!

** I am SO into The Walking Dead! I finished season three on Netflix and then found season four online and have watched through episode seven I think. And I'm SO SO nervous!  Oh my word this show you guys!!!

** And speaking TV.. my boys Dave and Connor and the Amazing Race? AMAZING!! :) They are the best. As I told you before, he (Dave) lived next door to us when he was about 17 and my mom absolutely LOVED him. Had I been older, I'm sure I would have been crushing on him too. But I was only 7 or 8 and hadn't quite refined my swooning thing yet! :)

** And I'm looking forward to Survivor tomorrow. I can't believe how much we get into that one still after all these years.

** We are planning a getaway. That's the next big thing. I'll be Instagraming pictures, so follow and stay tuned!

** Reading has been pretty slow. Even with my attempt at Bout of Books and the Readathon. Seriously. Maybe I can read a lot during the little trip...

** So OneRepublic has this song that somehow is NOT on my Native album but it says it's from that album so I'm really confused... but no wonder I hadn't heard it before but now I'm loving it! Have you heard it yet?

** Speaking of music, did you know there are a ton of YouTube mixes for "epic music" and I love it! It's perfect for writing background music.

** Armchair BEA is next week!!! Be there or be square!

Okay. I think that's it for now. What's up with you all?


  1. congrats on the weddings. You have been busy with life. Yeah for armchair bea :)

  2. The wedding pics are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Congrats, congrats, congrats! Now get to decorating that empty room upstairs and share it with us. :)

  3. Nice wedding pictures! I don't know why you hate pictures of yourself. You look like someone who I can have a great conversation with while drinking some coffee. :-) I'm with Andi, I can wait to see what you do with that upstairs room.

  4. Beautiful wedding pictures and family, Suey! You all have been busy. Whew. Will you get a chance to relax a little this summer? I hope so.

    Okay, so I love OneRepublic and I haven't heard this song. Weird. I'm going over to Spotify right now to add it to my playlist. Thanks for the head's up!

  5. I love weddings! So glad that busy is over with, I bet. Hope you get a nice break and some reading time.

  6. Love the epic music on youtube! I have been listening to it for years!

  7. Such gorgeous photos! Love them!!

    We finally signed a lease for a place yesterday morning, and I am so excited to have a little office where I can write!! Keeping my fingers crossed that 2014 is my year to actually finish something!!

  8. Congratulations to your daughter and her new husband! Good looking group! What a whirlwind you've been on the past few months. Your reward should definitely be a writing room.



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