Friday, May 16, 2014

Words of Radiance: Halfway Check In

Well, I just thought I'd do a halfway mark check in. I AM reading this book, though not necessarily with the group! I can't seem to catch up to do an official Q and A post with them! But I am reading, slowly yet surely.

See? Proof that I'm half way!

What I find the most interesting about this book so far is that nothing has really happened yet! Six hundred pages in and I'm still waiting for the crazy stuff to happen. And yet... AND YET... I'm still captured and interested. How is this possible?

Well, so there was a sinking boat and that was crazy. And there was duel that was unexpected. And Kaladin is always fun to read about no matter what he's doing. And we have most of characters all together in one place now, which makes me happy. And there's some flirtatious bantering going on which brings on a whole new element. And anytime the Assassin in White shows up, crazy stuff happens, which has been once so far. That was a bit nail biting for sure!

And there's the storms and visions and the Spren and Bridge Four and sword play and horse riding and masters of disguise and a flirty prince and a shy prince and chasms galore and talking patterns... and... oh so much to keep my attention!

It's been slow going, what with life getting in the way and such, but still, I'm totally enjoying the ride that is this huge epic fantasy. Again. I'll be back to let you know what I think upon finishing it!

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  1. My boyfriend and I just finished this book and at some point in the middle we had a conversation very like what you just said. Although it does feel as though it's suffering from second book syndrome with lots of time devoted to not much happening, somehow we both loved it and were interested all the way through :)



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