Monday, September 2, 2013

Concert Review: Richard Marx

This past week was actually the second time I've seen Richard Marx in concert. The first time was several years ago when he came to this same place, our wonderful outdoor theater. That time, it happened to be the VERY day before I saw Josh Groban in concert for the first time! You could say that my anticipation for seeing Josh quite overshadowed the Richard Marx concert!

However, I went to that concert that year and was BLOWN AWAY! Oh my gosh, he was fun! He was awesome! He was so so good!

And now this year, they brought him back and let's just say that my anticipation for seeing him this go around was much much higher than last time.

And here's the weird thing, I didn't really like him when he was popular back in the day. Well, I mean, I did, but I didn't really care that much, you know? It was actually right during the time I was getting married and having babies, so my mind was otherwise occupied I guess. I wan't really paying that much attention.

But now, I'm a fan! He is amazing!

Here's what I love about seeing Richard Marx in concert (yes, it's time for another list!):
  • He's very relaxed and easy going on stage.
  • He's very down to earth.
  • He's funny and spontaneous.
  • I love his smile and dimples! Oh my.
  • He's passionate.
  • He sings hard crazy loud rock one second and acoustic quiet ballads the next.
  • The ballads give me chills.
  • His gravelly voice gives me chills.
  • He jams on that guitar (well he actually switches between several of them) like no one's business!
  • He goes through about ten picks a concert, and chucks them to the audience now and then
  • He tells stories.
  • He writes some of the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard. Did you know he wrote the lyrics for Josh's popular song, To Where You Are? And 'Nsync's This I Promise You? Don't those lyrics just give you a gazillion chills? (And if you don't know them, I've added links so you can go listen right this very now!)
  • He loves having the audience sing with him, especially when it comes to Right Here Waiting! So fun!
  • He sang several new songs, and one of them was so amazingly good, that we the audience had to fly from our seats for a standing ovation. (Dang I wish I had captured that one!)
Anyway, seriously guys, if you ever get a chance to see him, take it. You wont' be disappointed. He puts on one of the best shows I've seen. Here's hoping he keeps coming back to our little corner of the world again and again!

But what did HE think of coming here? Well, he vlogged a bit about it right here:

Here are some pictures I took, and a video or two:

Here he is singing one of my favorites of his, Hazard:

And then the camera died so I recorded this one on my phone. Looks awful, sounds not too bad actually!

So! Much! Fun!


  1. Love when a concert lives up to your expectations!

  2. I saw him 20+ years ago and loved his concert. He's a great performer and I'm glad he hasn't changed.

  3. I loved his concert in IF too! Remember gushing about him then with me? Did he play the one with his sons? video style?

  4. First off he looks way different. I love his music. Especially this song:

    So haunting!

  5. I went to see him last year and I agree, he's SO GOOD in concert. I had forgotten how much I like his music. And, I agree, he was relaxed, fun, and very interactive with the audience. We had a great time at his concert -- glad you enjoyed yours :)

  6. He was one of my very first concerts, ever! (Back in the day!) Glad to see he's still got it!



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