Sunday, September 15, 2013

Currently: Blackberry Season!


(as written on Sunday Afternoon)


This very moment I'm listening to Michael Ball. Many of you will know him as Marius in Les Misererables back a few years ago. He has a beautiful voice. I especially love it when he sings, Love Changes Everything.


We rented Dr. Who season seven, part one (which was just five episodes) and watched those this past week or so. Wow. That episode five is a KILLER! Weepy weepy weepy! Now, I need to find the rest of that season, and I'll be all caught up and ready for the new doctor!

I'v watched a couple more Buffy episodes too. I don't know, it's just not grabbing me and making me want to finish them up!

I started watching North and South because of all Kami's tweets this week. Only got through half of the first episode, but I'm wanting to watch more.


Having fun with The Book Thief read along. I have to only read a bit at a time or I'd fly right through our assignment and onto the end! It's very fun reading it with so many who are going through it for the first time.

I also blasted through Blackmoore after getting that book at the launch party last week. Review tomorrow I hope. And now I've started 13 Reason Why for Banned Books Week, though I'm not sure that book was every banned, but definitely challenged.

Anyway, the reading life is good right now. I love it when that happens.


Guys! It's Bloggiesta this weekend! Please come and participate! So that's my blogging focus this week. You'll see my plans posted on Friday and I'll have a little challenge, a basic easy simple one. So stay tuned for that.

Also, as part of Bloggiesta, I hope to post my "50 Bookish Things To Do Before I Die" list. So hopefully you'll find that interesting.

And, I'm thinking of doing a "state of the blog" post because I've  been seeign many long time bloggers talk about their feelings on blogging this week, and I'm thinking of adding my two cents. Yes? No?


I made three blackberry pies yesterday and another several batches of jam. That's because we went and picked nearly 16 pounds of them at our friends farm yesterday. I have yet to EAT said pie, so we'll see later if it turns out good or not. Maybe I'll instagram a picture.

My daughter is selling chocolate bars for a fund raiser this week, so I've a feeling that I'll be quite tempted and see much chocolate eating in my future. Awesome.

Oh, and I made banana chip cookies this week too. Had some bananas that needed using! That picture WAS instragrammed, and I'm too lazy to go it and post it here!


  • The weather has cooled down. Sweet! So happy!
  • School is in full swing, let the homework stress begin!
  • My daughter quit dance. That was out of the blue after 11 years.
  • My other daughter practiced taking our vital signs the other day. That was... fun.
  • Muse is this week! Excited and nervous!!
  • And so, I guess that's all that's new-ish around here. Happy New Week!


  1. Have you not seen North and South before????!!! I have failed as a sister!

    1. Megs: I have seen it, I have! I just wanted to watch it all over again!

  2. I am really looking forward to Bloggiesta this weekend. I'm not sure how much time I will have, but I do have my list already written!!

    Tomorrow I plan to make Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies! With more time on my hands, I've been doing lots of baking. It is not working well with my weight loss plan at all!! :)

    1. Tif: So glad you can join us, even for a bit. And I now all about the baking thing. Love doing it, but the eating bit that comes with it... sometimes frustrating!

  3. Good heavens. FINISH NORTH & SOUTH, SUEY.

    I'm all pins and needles until you do.

    1. Angie: I just sent you an email, but yes I've seen it! I just wanted to re-watch with Kami during her recent obsession! But I didn't get far sadly... will try again this week to get to all the good stuff!

  4. I love Michael Ball! He is my favorite Marius. I'm excited for Bloggiesta! I'm SO obsessed with North and South...and Richard Armitage! If looks could kill, I'd be dead! I'm liking Robin Hood now.



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