Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Concert Review: Muse

This past week I was lucky enough to get to see Muse in concert... again. It was my third time seeing them, and at first, I was thinking, ah, do I really need to go this time? But my daughter has turned into quite the fan and begged for us to get tickets. So I thought, whatever, create the memories!

Well, after waiting nearly an hour to be let in the arena, and then another hour before the opening band started, and then yet another hour of hearing them play and waiting for the stage to change, I was beginning to wonder was I glad to be there?

As soon as Muse hit that first note, let me tell you, I was glad to be there! Oh my word, these guys are good! The energy is over the top awesome, their songs are incredible, their talent is amazing! All of it. So so good. 

However, I do have to say, you must like loud to enjoy this show. And lost of visual stimulation. It's crazy loud! Like pretty much the loudest thing you'll ever hear. I wish could describe the loudness. There's no way. So if loud scares you, be warned of the Muse concert!

I took our new camera and had fun trying to take pictures and videos. We were sitting way to the side, so we got some pretty interesting perspectives. However, Muse's shows are so full of lasers and lights that in sitting so far to the side we lost some of the effect of that. But in choosing between the laser light show and getting a good glimpse of the guys themselves, I think I choose the guys. How about you?

So anyway, here's some of my favorite pictures we ended up with.

Matt singing Supremacy

The first pumping, head banging crowd

Chris, the most awesome bass player EVER!
I'm in awe of him.

This was our non zoomed in view.

Matt and Chris, look at those expressions!

When Matt plays the piano, it blows me away!
Butterflies and Hurricanes

Love this shot!
Singing Follow Me

Matt and Chris again!

Chris singing his own song, Liquid State.
With the crowd in the background
Love that shot!

And Dom with the sweat just rolling off him!
We tried to make a montage video, but YouTube already blocked it, so here are a few single songs that took and uploaded.

This was the opening number and then it went straight into Supermassive and the crowd went wild!

This one gives me chills and then when it goes into Chris on the bass for Hysteria... there are no words.

One of my favorite new songs is Follow Me, and then also you can get a glimpse here of Chris singing one of his new songs... this album is the first time he's had a couple of his own songs. So cool.

Well, it gives you some idea any way, but definitely not how loud it was! :)


  1. The guys from Muse are from the town that I live in, here in Devon so this was a great review.Thanks for sharing the video clips (just off to listen now)

    1. Julie: What an awesome connection to have! They are such awesome guys. :)

  2. Ah, yes, I haven't been to a lot of concerts, but the ones I have been too are LOUD (and FUN!)! Looks like you had a great time.

    1. Lo: I have been to a lot, and they are loud, but these guys are TEN TIMES louder than the normal concert. Seriously.

  3. How wonderful! I have yet to see them live. I've watched their concerts on DVD or TV and they are such magnificent extravanganzas.

    1. Jane: I hope you get a chance to see them live sometime. Words can't even describe the experience.

  4. I would love to see these guys but lately I've noticed that I just can't handle the noise like I used to, almost gives me heart palpitations which is just weird...and so frustrating!

  5. I am seriously, seriously jealous. I still have not gotten over having had to skip the concert in March and not being able to sell those tickets. And they didn't come back to the midwest in the second half of the tour - so no Muse for me this year. I don't think I will ever get over that.

    They are loud, but I love it. Actually, the last concert of theirs we went to, Jim and I both wore earplugs. Still loud but at least you could make out the lyrics and the music instead of it all jumbling together into one cacophony of sound. I will be back to see them again because their concerts are still the best I've ever attended.

  6. Great recap! And, awesome pictures! I think Corey and I are going to make it tradition to go to every one of their concerts when they come to Utah. It's just so worth it and it's never a repeat even if we've heard the music a million times.

    I would love to see them up close, but seeing the lasers from the front was pretty dang awesome and I'm really glad I got that experience.



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