Friday, September 13, 2013

Book Review: Pieces by Michelle D. Argyle

Book: Pieces by Michelle D. Argyle
Genre: NA Romance
For: Fun
From: Bought at an author signing

After reading The Breakaway last month for Utah Book Month, I knew it wouldn't be long before I had to pick up the sequel, which I had waiting, to find out how this character resolves her issues. Beware, spoilers for the first book ahead!!

So, as you know from my review of the first book, the main character, Naomi, was kidnapped, suffered from Stockholm Syndrome and falls in love with one of her kidnappers. Then...

SPOILER ALERT (for the first book)
....she escapes (well is let go) and bam the book ends. So. We are left wondering, how does she get on with her life after that? Is she okay? Does she get together with the kidnapper dude (Jesse)? Or is he too messed up?

Yes, many questions, thus the mission of this second book. To answer them all! And the books does a great job of this. Naomi is still pretty messed up and confused and sad and very much still in love with Jesse. But, is Jesse a good guy or a bad one? Big big question. So some stuff happens and everything seems to shift. Whiplash! But in a good way!

Anyway, that's about all I can say without giving away everything for this second book. But once again, let my just say that as a mom, this book made me crazy. I have a daughter the very same age as Naomi and had she done what Naomi does in this book I would have freaked. FREAKED I tell you. How do fictional mom's handle all the crazy things their kids do? Well, Naomi's mom does have her own issues, but still. It seems fictional parents are all always... whatever... about what their kids are doing. Weird.

In the end, I was thoroughly satisfied with the wrap up this book provided. It was nice, and good and well done. Yay for that!

Bottom line: A great second book to give closure, but not quite as engaging and page turning as the first. (That being said, I pretty much devoured the second half in one sitting!)

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