Monday, July 1, 2013

Mini Bloggiesta This Month!

Just a heads up for all you Bloggiesta people!

We'll be having our second "MINI" Bloggiesta this month on July 20 and 21... a Saturday and Sunday. The difference between a mini event and main event, besides the obvious that it's just two days long instead of three, is that we will have fewer mini challenges, fewer Twitter chats, and that it's just a bit more easy going and relaxed.

Basically, it's an in between event where you can make a to do list, work on your blog and chat a bit with others doing the same, just like in a main Bloggiesta, but without as much hoopla about it.

Make sense?

I hope you join us! Mark you calenders!

And be sure to check out the website and our new Facebook page for updates.

1 comment:

  1. I am so bummed to miss this one! I am traveling during that time and will be unable to access my blog regularly! :(



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