Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Movie Review: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Movie: Beasts of the Southern Wild
Genre: Drama
Starring:  QuvenzhanĂ© Wallis (the little girl who was up for an Oscar, remember?)
Rating: PG13
My Rating: One thumb up

I guess, really, it depends on what you watch movies for, you know? This one, I would say, is not to really be watched for its entertainment value, but for its artistic value. You know, one of THOSE. If you are WAY into the artistic stuff, you'll love it. Otherwise, you may be like me and just not get it.

Well, I sort of got it, I think. Let me just say what I got.... so there's this little girl and her dad. They live on an island just out of New Orleans, they call The Bathtub. Her dad is bit (a lot) neglectful, but he learns that he is actually dying. Then one day, a storm comes and the whole neighborhood is flooded, so they are floating around homeless. Then, they get "rescued" and taken to a shelter, but they hate it there. That's when the girl learns that her dad is not right. Then they escape and go back home and strive to be strong and face all their problems!!

Did I get it right? I'm not sure!!

Anyway, I watched it while flying on the plane and it was fun to try and figure out. The girl WAS amazing, I'll give her that. And the movie was beautiful looking and I know there was all sorts of symbolic stuff floating around (there really were beasts in it by the way.)

But in the end, my feeling was... so... that's it? Hmmm...

How about you all? Have you seen it? What did you think? Did it touch a nerve? Or did you just think... hmmm.


  1. I've seen it and I love it! I was confused by the beasts at points, but I loved the little girl. I thought it showed what a community is really well and really showed how Hurricane Katrina affected those who really didn't have anywhere to go.

    It's a touching story and I cried a little (ok, a lot), but I really think people should just see it! :-)

  2. This is one I want to see. I love artsy films.

  3. All I know about this one is the girl was up for an Oscar...but she didn't win. :(



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