Sunday, July 21, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Days 6 - 10

More blogging prompts for book bloggers! I think this is nearly over now, but I'm still "catching up!"  Check out this post from Good Books and Good Wine for all the details.

Day Six: How I Shop for Books

I'm thinking that most of the time when I buy books it's because I'm going to a signing and I either want to support the author, or the bookstore, or I just really want the book! Also, I'll buy books in a series that I love and want to collect. Or I'll buy books by an author I love and want to collect. But usually, I have some idea of what the book is before I buy it, I'm not much into buying a random book anymore these days. Oh, and I'll buy cheap Kindle books too! Now and then.

Day Seven: My Blogging Quirks

Hmm... I'm  a little stumped with this prompt! What ARE my blogging quirks? 

  • I'm bugged if I miss a day, though I'm trying really hard to get over that.
  • I don't get very behind in reviews, not sure what this means. I don't read as much as everyone else maybe?
  • I don't like writing detailed reviews. I feel it gives away too much of the book.
  • After so many years at this, I still get instantly sad if a blog post has no comment love at all!
  • I use these things....... way too much. 
  • I'm a haphazard blogger and don't over obsess about my posts, usually. I just throw them up.
  • I'm not into the technical things because I feel that bottom line, I just want to talk books and reading, and that's pretty easy, technically.
  • I love writing discussion posts, but I'm out of ideas for discussions.
  • I blog much better if there is music blasting... and when I say blasting, I mean blasting.

Day Eight: 15 Things I Like (and I'll add... or Dont Like) On Blogs

  1. No clutter
  2. Some white space
  3. Fun colors
  4. Lots of personal and not just reviews
  5. No moving or glittering parts
  6. No auto music, but talking about and sharing music is fun!
  7. Lists and resources included
  8. About me pages
  9. A search bar
  10. Social media contacts easy to find near the top
  11. Easy to read fonts
  13. I like it if I don't have to "click more" to read more, know what I mean?
  14. I like the comment button at the bottom of a post NOT the top.
  15. Drop down menus are cool and I'm starting wish I had some
Day Nine: Why Do I Blog About Books?

Because I feel this overwhelming need to talk about them. And the overwhelming hope that someone might want to listen and talk back.
Day Ten: How Do I Choose What to Read Next?

Mostly by mood, but a lot of times it's because it's something that I've committed to review and the publish date is coming up, or I'm going to a signing and I want to read the book first, or a movie has come out and I want to read the book first, or whatever book club is reading, or I just bought it and I'm going to drop everything else to read it, or I join a read along, or.....

Coming up this week.... Days 11 through 15! Don't you LOVE how I'm doing this all wrong!! :)

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  1. I'm enjoying these, even done "wrong." Glad you bent the rules to share.




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