Thursday, July 25, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Days 11-15

In which I finish off the last five days of this fun blogging prompt from Good Books and Good Wine.

Day 11: My Five Best Blog Posts

Okay, so I just looked and I've published, as of this very moment (which means not counting this one, or the couple I have currently scheduled!) 2135 blog posts. And I'm supposed to pick my five favorites? Well...okay. (I do have a little list on my blog here, but if I were to narrow those down even further?)

Discussing Books With Family (in which I write script of a conversation that was had with my family about my bookish pursuits)

90% of Everything is Crap (in which I discuss a Brandon Sanderson speech and wonder why we bash certain books)

Remember that One Time When Markus Zusak Came? (in which I compile quotes from other bloggers about their thoughts on MZ's visit to Provo a few years ago... during Markus Zusak week that I hosted on my blog last October.)

The Trouble with Author Signings (in which I list the ways I make a fool out of myself while meeting authors)

Edgy Books vs. Gentle Books (in which I discuss the difference and the market for each type)

Day 12: Fighting Blogger Fatigue: Here are some of my suggestions:

-- Do things like this fun meme/challenge thing that I'm doing right now.
-- Stop blogging for a bit and read a lot of cool books and then you'll get excited to tell about them.
-- Participate in a read along, or host one
-- Join some other fun thing someone is doing that is blog related, but not necessarily book related
-- Meet and mentor brand new bloggers
-- Start a new blog project that you've thought about, but have been scared to do.
-- Host an event
-- Write a random, rambly or ranty post!
-- Write a post about something you are really passionate about, bookish or not.

Day 13: An Under Appreciated Book

Everyone loves and almost everyone has read The Book Thief by the very brilliant Markus Zusak, but not very many have read his OTHER wonderful book, I Am the Messenger, which you have, without a doubt, seen me hype up here on this blog enough times that I don't need to do it yet again! But, I truly think it is very much under appreciated!

Day 14: Deal Breakers

If I'm reading along and suddenly a book has these things, I'll be...I don't know.. MAD! (I'll still probably finish the book though.)

-- way too much preachy crap
-- a hidden, or not so hidden, agenda
-- much too much abuse
-- much too much torture
-- a stupid "hero" or "heroine"
-- a way too convenient ending
-- a big political speech stuck in the middle of the story
-- symbolism that goes over my head
-- a gazillion F bombs

Day 15: Book Blogging Mentors

I started so long ago that back then, everyone was pretty much new at this thing. But really, I didn't know that, so I looked up to and wanted to be like and learned a lot from:

Kailana from The Written World
Dewey from Hidden Side of a Leaf (sadly no longer with us)
Andi from Estella's Revenge
Chris from Bookarama
Melissa from Book Nut
Raidergirl from An Adventure in Reading

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  1. Fun fun! And, yes, I Am The Messenger is totally underrated!



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