Friday, March 8, 2013

More Awesome Author Events!

Once again, I was lucky enough to attend two more author events this week, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. Wow, it's getting hard to keep up around here!

On Tuesday, Michelle Argyle visited the Orem Library and talked to a small, intimate, but enthusiastic audience about her experiences publishing with a small press. She told us about her books, and her upcoming plans and her writing philosophies  She gave away finger nail polish, green M and M's and copies of her books. Of course, I didn't win so I bought the books instead!

When I got there, I saw a cousin I haven't seen for awhile and said to her, "hey, what are you going here?" Well, she is good friends with Michelle! And so, once again, I had another author/cousin connection! This appears to be a trend lately!

So, it was fun to meet a "new to me" author and add to my book pile.

Then on Wednesday we (me and a bunch of crazy book bloggers and other author fans and many many other reader fans!) meet at the Provo Library and welcomed six very popular YA authors as they stopped off on a cross country tour.

The authors were:

Debra Driza, promoting MILA 2.0
Claudia Gray, promoting Spellcaster
Lauren Oliver, promoting Requiem

Dan Wells, promoting Fragments
Kiersten White, promoting Mind Games
Brodi Ashton, promoting Everbound

This event was in a panel format and the authors were asked a bunch of random crazy questions and had us all laughing the whole evening. Afterwards, it was a mass signing. I brought two books to be signed and bought two more at the event. (Though I ended up getting just three of them signed. Long long lines!)

Then, because we were hungry and these signings always seem to happen around dinnertime,  a bunch of us (yeah, I'm too lazy and tired to list everyone and link! BUT, I should have at least taken a picture!) went out for a hamburger and shake, which appears to be turning into a bit of a tradition! Who'll be joining us next time? :)


  1. I love author events. Our local newspaper used to schedule "An Evening With" event periodically and we met Clive Cussler, Nora Roberts, Alan Alda to name a few. Unfortunately they no longer schedule this event.

  2. You have so many great author experiences. I think I'm jealous! :)

  3. I am jealous also. There doesn't seem to be any author events around here :-(

  4. That was a fun night! I love the new tradition of eating out afterwards. We should make JCWs the place too!

  5. So jealous ...I want to come there :) Sounds like a fun evenings

  6. I'm all good with going out to eat after all of these events! It was way fun! Which book didn't you get signed? One of Lauren Oliver's since her line was the longest?

  7. That's hilarious that your cousin just happened to know the author. And, what a great chance for the Utah book bloggers to get together!

  8. It was absolutely wonderful to meet you!!!! <3

  9. I had fun! Mary Ann says you thought I was so quiet. Sorry. I was very tired but it was tons of fun going out again.



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