Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vanity Fair Read Along: Half Way (make that Quarter Way)

I'm so happy to be reading this book after having it sit here so long on the shelf! I must admit though, that after holding and hauling around that big thing, I decided to go ahead and load the free copy of it onto my Kindle!

It's MUCH easier to read! Not just the holding, but the actual words and layout too. I really like it. And besides, now I can highlight the funky things that stand out to me like:

"He was a little wild... and don't girls like a rake better than a milksop?"


I'm finding the character of Rebecca to be a bit baffling so far. I mean, everyone really seems to like her. Does she have them ALL fooled? Or is she really nicer than she appears? Because to me, she appears to be faking everything! Not sure what's up with her yet....

And I just got to a part where she has revealed some secret and I'm thinking... wait, WHAT? And then I had to stop and I haven't found out the answer yet!

I had to stop because I had a couple of ARCs that I accepted that needed reading and reviewing too, so the read along was put on the back burner. BUT, not forgotten in the least!

Anyway, I'm very anxious to get to know Dobbin better. I think, I'm guessing, that he has a major part in this story? I don't know, and yet he has only been around for his intro chapter and then a little bit in another one (so far for me anyway) so I'm curious about him. I think I'm going to end up loving him, without a doubt.

That George guy is horrid. Amelia is a weak wimpy sort of girl. The younger Crawley brother, not sure about yet. He seems to be "a rake!" The older one seems really boring. (And what's with the name Crawley anyway? All I can think about is poor Matthew!)

I'm loving the fact that I feel like I "know" London well enough to actually picture neighborhoods and distances and such. That is so cool! I love that place! (I'm going there again this summer... so excited!!!)

The narrator...he is making me crazy. (He? I assume he, I picture the author!) He is breaking the fourth wall all over the place. I mean, he is funny sometimes. (See above quote.) And then sometimes he is explaining WAY too much and I'm just wishing to learn these things through the story. Know what I mean? Anyway, I guess I'm getting used to him.

Hmmm, I just checked out Trish's "few random questions" and I think I sort of answered them all in my above ramblings! Sweet.

So. I will be reading tons this next week. I hope. Perhaps I may even catch up!


  1. Hats off. I don't think I could handle this one.

    Wait! What? You're going to England? How did I not know this?

  2. I keep thinking about Matthew too! Tear. I hate how Amelia won't stand up for herself, but Becky won't stop using everyone around her to get ahead. George is awful, but I love Dobbin. Keep it up!

  3. Becky totally is fake, but she fools everyone she meets into loving her, especially the guys. The women figure her out pretty shortly after meeting her.

    I'm really enjoying this one! I like Becky, I like hating Osborne and Amelia, and the author does crack me up a lot :)



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