Sunday, March 17, 2013

Currently: Feeling Green

C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y
(as written on Sunday afternoon)

Listening: Josh at the moment. Yes, it's true. Loving this new CD. Did I tell you that yet? I'm thinking about doing a post that's a review of this CD. I've never done that before now I have I. LOL, you can all look forward to it!

Eating: chicken with a garlic brown sugar sauce with rice and green beans, and homemade rolls. :) Also, I'm currently making bread because we ran out and I'm not going to the store. And we'll need sandwiches for lunches tomorrow. I haven't made real bread in forever!

Loving: that my husband just cleaned up from dinner! :) Loving also that we have a clean garage after yesterday. Whew, that was a project. But it oh so needed doing. The weather was perfect for it and we at least felt that the day resulted in something productive. Not all Saturdays do you know.

Reading: Oh my, Fragments! Loved this book. It took over Friday and Saturday's reading, (I can't wait to tell you all about it... tomorrow's post I think) and now I'm reading all about Henrietta Lacks for book club and it's been really good so far too! I love to read!! 

Feeling:  good. Yeah, really pretty good I think. And a little green. But in a good way.

Watching: pretty much all the same stuff I listed last week. More Parenthood episodes (only a couple more before I finish up season 4) and still trying to catch up with Revenge and finish Dr. Who season six once and for all. Amazing Race is awesome with my former next door neighbor from 35 or more years ago! First place again! We'll see what happens tonight. And Survivor with the Brandon melt down was... sad and scary. And I've even watched a little American Idol, Loving Lazaro's cuteness, but his singing is not the best. Hmmm... yeah. All the same stuff. No movies to mention though. Tried to rent Skyfall, no luck. Wanted to go see Jack, no luck. Oh well.

Wanting: a nap, like right now. 

Thinking: that even though i want to reply to ALL the people today, that wrote me a letter last month, I can probably only do a few right now, and more another day. I want, though, to do them ALL!

Oh, Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all.

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  1. I have the same feelings about Lazaro - he seems like a sweet guy, but his voice is just okay compared to the rest of the top 10. I think he's getting a big sympathy vote because of his stutter.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day!



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