Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Books/Authors I'm Thankful For

Today's list from The Broke and the Bookish is to list books and authors that we are thankful for. I decided to approach the list a little differently, since my list of actual books and authors would be all my favorites that you've seen here a gazillion times.

Books and Authors I'm Thankful For


1. I'm thankful for books that make me think.
2. I'm thankful for books that make me feel.
3. I'm thankful for books that are true sagas.
4. I'm thankful for the old classic books that will stick around forever.
5. I'm thankful for books that are mind-blowing, page-turning, and gasp-inducing!


1. I'm thankful for authors who try new things and think outside the box.
2. I'm thankful for authors who write unforgettable characters.
3. I'm thankful for authors who connect with readers.
4. I'm thankful for authors that don't give up.
5. I'm thankful for authors that can write a complete story in one book!

What books and authors are you thankful for?


  1. Intriguing list and one that I must say I agree with.

  2. Ahh, great question this time around. I'm thankful to books and authors that teach me something and/or inspire me to learn more :)

  3. Love your list and I absolutely agree with you!

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  4. I love how you did your list. No specifics just great ideas! :)

  5. Love your list. Nice spin on the topic. I especially like your last one.

  6. Love your lists!! And, I agree with Jenners ... love that last one especially!!

  7. I like the way you did this one. :) I'm grateful for all these things too.



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