Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Book: Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Genre: YA Dystopian
For: Fun
From: Borrowed

I've had my hands on this book for quite some time now and have been really anxious to fit it in, but only this weekend did I finally buckle down and concentrate on it. And then, once I did, ah man, it was a chore to finish it! Ugh, I hate to say it, but yes.

So I remember liking Divergent just fine. I mean, it was good, but I wasn't overly ecstatic about it or anything.(My review from back then found here.) I guess I really did quite like it, though I did mention in my review that it felt a bit like the same dystopian story told over again. Anyway.....

This book, number two in the series, was looked forward to earlier this year with much anticipation. I think I expected wild and fantastic things from it! And I didn't get that. It took me much longer than normal to remember who everyone is and then once I thought I had that figured out, I had a hard time remembering what the plot problem was. Who was wanting to take over whom, and why? And all those factions kept getting muddled in my head!

And then, once I finally got that down, I felt not at all invested. I just didn't care. And nothing was happening. And it was boring. There was internal conflict yes, and I'm usually great with that, but for some reason, not so much this time.

Ugh, I hate doing reviews like this, which is why you don't see it very often around here! BUT, I feel that when I do read a book that I felt yawn-y over, you need to know, right? You need to see that this even happens to the one who reads everything with rosy glasses! Or something.

By way of a quick summary, for those interested, we rejoin our main characters Tris and Four, who are basically refugees in a society (future Chicago area) where things have gone crazy. The factions that people are divided into have begun to crumble and the lines between them are all blurry now. Everyone must decide who's side they are on, and if that's the RIGHT side or not. And let's just say, that's no easy thing.

I think finally toward the end there I felt some excitement and I felt a little worried for the characters, for crazy Tris who put herself in a most unsavory situation. I looked and it was around page 350 when I thought.. "finally!" And I remember Divergent being so exciting and page turning! So what happened? Was it me or the book??

And yet. AND YET! The end was awesome! (well if you like cliff hangers anyway!) Dang, I'm going to have to read the next book now after all

Bottom line: While I enjoyed Divergent, the first book in this series, I found this second book, Insurgent, to be quite boring, at least until the end.

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  1. I actually just finished reading this book yesterday and posted my own review today. I'm happy to see that I wasn't alone in my difficulty remembering who was who and what was happening. That factor made it really difficult for me to enjoy the story for quite awhile. Luckily, that changed somewhere along the way and I devoured the last 150 pages.

    That ending was superb. I was fairly surprised by the new information and will most likely have to read the next book as well, if only to see the aftermath of the news!

  2. That is the problem with second books in a series... They tend to do too much housekeeping that doesn't keep the reader interested...

  3. Well way to take off the rose colored glasses. ;) I am sorry it was a disappointment, though. I hate making myself finish a book.

  4. Good to hear actually. I didn't LOVE the first one and haven't jumped to this one and now maybe I won't.

  5. LOL I thought Divergent was boring and Insurgent was much better. I agree that the ending totally rocked! Let's hope book 3 is an epic knockout :)

  6. You know, I totally struggled with remembering who was who and what faction did what. It was one of my biggest complaints about the book. And it was much too long :)

  7. Oh dear. That doesn't sound too good. I've heard some people say similar things but at the same time, there are lots of people who seemed to love it. I ordered my copy a few days ago so I'm really looking forward to reading it and finally finding out whether it's good or ... not so good :D

  8. To bad you didn't like Insurgent. I didn't think it was anywhere as good as Divergent, but I didn't dislike it. :) I'm still eager for the third.



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