Saturday, November 3, 2012

Book Review: Dante's Girl by Courtney Cole

Book: Dante's Girl by Courtney Cole
Genre: YA romance
Rating:★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
For: fun
From: Amazon for the Kindle

So this is one of those books I bought, spur of the moment, for the Kindle.. which means it was free, or at least very very cheap. I had heard nothing, knew nothing, had no idea about it whatsoever. It just...  you know... looked cute! And fun.

I started reading it just to see what it was like, not intending to really read it yet, and suddenly, I found myself many pages in. Then, it ended up that I was reading it along side that crazy Jeffery Deaver book, which was good because I needed to read something very light afterwards, so I could actually sleep and all. It made for a great companion book that way!

Okay, so let me sum up the story. Reese is on her way to visit her father in London when she bumps into, literally, this guy... Dante, during a lay over. Turns out, they are on the same flight! The flight has problems, he takes her under his wing, pulls some strings and gets them on another flight (or maybe it's his helicopter?) and takes her to his country. Yes, he is the prime minister's son of some fictional  country. (At least I think it is... what if it isn't? How embarrassing for me!) And then she hangs out there for awhile waiting for her bags, but then they offer her a job so she ends up there for a summer.

Meanwhile, love is in the air. Much of the book is ..... "He is so beautiful! Oh, I wonder if he likes me?? Oh, I hope he likes me! There's no way he can like me, I'm just a farm girl from Kansas! Oh, he's SOOOO hot, he's so perfect. How can he like me when he's so perfect?" On and on and on... and on! While it's not really in a diary form, it's basically her uncensored thoughts... we are so very much in her head. Thus, the going on and on and on I suppose.

But still, I kept reading. The plot was very very simple, and in fact I kept wondering where the conflict was. I mean, she did get in a bit of tiff with her friend at home. And Dante has a suspicious mean friend which is a little mysterious and sinister, and then there's the fact that a perfect girl from his country already has dibs on him. So there's the conflict I guess.

But still, I kept reading!

I think, as I said before, I just needed this fun little (mostly clean, even) romp, and to heck with the complicated plots and the gazillion characters and the deep meanings. It's a fun little summer romance love story, and.....

Bottom line: I really quite enjoyed it for that!

P.S. And yes there's another book, a sequel of sorts, with different side characters as the main characters this go around. If it's free or cheap on Kindle, I'll read it. :) (Mia's Heart it's called, and comes out December 1.)

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  1. I'd say this one would be perfect for me right now but the whole does he or doesn't he like me thing will only depress me right now. :(

  2. I agree! It was some fun fluff and not much of a plot!

  3. So I'm not the only one this happens to! Amazon certainly makes it easy to find these little gems huh? (of course, not all of them are gems.) I haven't read this one, but I'll certainly check it out. :)



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