Sunday, November 18, 2012

Currently: Too Much Food, Not Enough Lee Pace

C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y

(as written on Saturday evening)

Listening: Hans Zimmer station on Pandora... currently this most awesome Batman song:

Eating:  Oh boy. The eating these past few days! Chocolate pie and apple pie (got a head start on the pie thing) and some awesome greasy cheesy dip for book club, and out to eat at Goodwood and Kneaders and I can't remember where else! Oh, and cake and ice cream of course! Wow, it was a bad bad eating week around here. 

Loving: that I'm officially one year old as of this past week. NOT!! JK!! Ha. In the words of my grandma, getting old sucks. (Wait, maybe she doesn't use that exact word, but that's what she means!)

Reading: Finished Mrs. Mike for book club this week. Now, I'm just needed to work on the other books I've started this past month and never finished. That is, unless I start something new again anyway, despite the fact there's already unfinished things to read!

Feeling: It's been a crazy week, but I'm feeling kind of sad that's over, because it was all fun craziness. I guess I should be feeling excited about an upcoming holiday and kids home and sleeping in!

Watching: We saw Breaking Dawn part 2 on Friday! Yes, it wasn't bad at all! Still the awkward cheesy moments, but the ending was satisfying and good in my opinion. We also got The Amazing Spider-man on DVD and watched that again.... AWESOME movie! Love that one. And just this evening I got caught up on Survivor and The Vampire Diaries for the week. Favorite Damon quote:"It's a long story... buy the ebook!" What a dude. Love him.

Oh, speaking of vampires and Breaking Dawn, I have a new favorite: Lee Pace as Garrett:

Yes? I think so!
Speaking of Lee Pace, he's also going to be in The Hobbit!!!

Wanting:  more time, you know? Just more time please. Oh, and could someone just send me four Twitter followers? So I can get to freaking 1000 once and for all!!! :) 

Thinking: that it's weird to be here on a Saturday night with absolutely no kids around. A taste of the future, a memory of the past? But weird I say, very weird.

Stalking: Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings who I meet this week at the Reached event. Now, here's a girl who gets into her launch parties! Wow, click on over to see what I'm talking about and enter her giveaway. 

Happy new week everyone! Let's get lots of reading done!


  1. Doesn't all of that Hans Zimmer make you just want to get up and conquer the world?!

    Lee Pace of Pushing Daisies? I might just have to go to The Hobbit just for him.

    Sounds like you had a great week and got your stomach all stretched out for the holidays!

    We have more and more nights with no kids around and it is really weird. I'm never sure if I'm going to like having no kids at home one of these days, although laundry for two sounds like a nice change!

    1. Lisa: Way to describe Hans Zimmer! I love it! And yes, THAT Lee Pace! :) Love him. You can go to The Hobbit for him AND Richard Armitage. :)

      laundry for two does sound very nice...

  2. Oh goodness thanks for the shout out, I may have a bit of an obsession with bookish celebrations and creations. Also Lee Pace was great! and the movie was so much better than I expected, super fun.

  3. I loved Lee Pace as Garrett :) I had no idea he was in the hobbit! How cool.

  4. I also loved Lee Pace in Breaking Dawn. I wish he had been in the movie more. He was so awesome and quite handsome.

    1. He doesn't look like himself as the Elven king! I can't even tell it's him!!!



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