Saturday, July 7, 2012

Buffy Watch Season Two Episodes 9-12

I didn't think I'd have some Buffy to report on this week, but yesterday Kelly and I managed four more episodes. Maybe we'll do more today and tomorrow too, but we'll see.

This time as I watched, I had fun jotting down some lines that stuck out to me. Enjoy!
(I'm interested if major Buffy fans can identify who is saying each of these lines. Give it a try!)

Season Two

Episode 9: What's My Line? Part 1

"That's not a nothing face, that's a something face."
"I lurk."
"I have frog fear."

In the end... this one was sort of boring. I mean, I know it was mostly a build up for the next episode which concludes things, but this first one was just okay for me. Sorry big fans....

Episode 10: What's My Line? Part 2

My first thought as the episode opened was this one.... Angel, you are a vampire! You can bust the cage! I know you can!

"I am flummoxed." "What's the flum?"
"I don't do worms."
"Hey, your hair is... brown."
"Angel's our friend, except I don't  like him."
"I am the bugman... kukucachoo." (this one made me laugh out loud literally)

Kissing music... classic! More out loud laughing. Love this new development with Xander and Cordelia!
Also love Willow and Oz walking away talking so perfectly geeky.

In the end... I really enjoyed this one, so very funny.

Episode 11: Ted

"That's the sound she makes when she is speechless with geeker joy."

John Ritter!
It's the food people, the food!
Ah nice... erroneous Mormon joke. Ha ha. :)

In the was ho hum... even with John Ritter. But it was nice to see him again. He was sufficiently creepy for this episode.

Episode 12: Bad Eggs

(oops.... no lines were jotted down during this one!)

Creepy egg things. Ew gross.
Once again, I love the whole Xander Cordelia thing... and I'm getting a kick out of the fact that they are trying to keep it a secret. I'm wondering, though, how long they can keep this gag working. I can see it getting old pretty fast.

In the end... I have not much to say about this one. Kelly and I decided to sum it up in one word... WEIRD!

We are finding that we enjoy the episodes that feature the vampires (even if they are wimpy) and not the other strange and creepy creatures that are being dreamed up. As always, I'm very interested in the developing relationships. I'm rooting for whatever makes Giles happy, and for Willow and Oz. Not sure what I'm thinking about Buffy and Angel at the moment... it's turned into just kissing which is not as fun as bantering back and forth. Make sense? Anyway... we'll see!!


  1. It's been far too long for me to actually remember lines but I do remember all the relationships. Enjoy!

  2. Season two was one of my favourite Buffy periods. At the time I loved the Ted episode, my brother and I would quote it incessantly! And Willow and Oz... so cute!

    1. Smallgirl... they are so cute! I know I must enjoy it while it lasts...

  3. I loved the Mormon joke. I thought it was hilarious. And, I also laughed out loud with Xander's Bug Man joke. They were a good few episodes, other than the egg one. That was creepy and disturbing on so many levels.

    1. Jenni: Such a common Mormon joke though... gah! People! :)

  4. Yay, Xander/Cordy! I love their relationship. It's totally implausible, and yet it works.

    1. Memory: I think it works too, very fun.



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