Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book Review: Caribbean Crossroads by Connie Sokol

Book: Caribbean Crossroads by Connie Sokol
Genre: Romance
For: Fun
From: Kindle promo

Here's yet another Utah author to promote! She is popular local speaker who does some pretty awesome presentations on self esteem and inspiring women to be all they can be. I've been to several and have loved them and laugh my head off nearly through the whole thing. Very fun.

As part of that, she's written a bunch of non-fiction self help type books, but suddenly I find out she's written this fun romance. Granted, it's self published and only in e-book format... I think. But it came across my path and being a little familiar with her, I jumped at the chance to see what this was about.

As it turns out, it was pretty much just what I was in the mood for. A sweet, simple fun romance.... one that takes place on a cruise ship which I always thought would be a fun setting. The two meet because they are both performers on the ship. The girl is just coming out of a relationship where she's been pretty badly hurt. The guy is struggling a bit trying to figure out what he wants in life, what direction he needs to take, etc.

The first half is them getting together on the ship which was all fun and romantic and exciting. The second half is them trying to figure out what to do about it. That second half did drag a bit for me and the internal dialogue got a bit repetitive for me, which is about the only complaint I have with the book.

I would consider this a so-called fluffy beach read, which as I mentioned, seemed to be what I was in the mood for last week. Even if there was no beach (or cruise) for me!

Bottom line: I liked it. It was fun!

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  1. I love when you get to read a book that was just what you needed. I just read one of those. :)



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