Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sunday Salon Sunday Rambles

Happy Sunday!!

Outside my window: 
Hot and sunny this Sunday afternoon. The haze from the fires isn't as bad as it's been though, so that's a good thing. We can actually breathe when we go out.

I am cannot stop listening to: Gotye. All the time, Goyte. I'm thinking this one is not a passing fancy, but one that's going to stick with me, know what I mean? I'm sorry, you my readers, may have to be dealing with this for quite some time.

Song of the week: A new-to-me Gotye song I discovered just the other day, one not on my CD, has been really quite fun to play over and over:

Oh, and you must listen to this one too, please? It's a little more "normal" so don't be scared.

TV Talk:  Buffy Buffy Buffy! Oh, and I watched one Dr. Who episode, and I watched Falling Skies last Sunday. Wahoo for that show! And... that's about all the TV for me this past week. 

Books Finished: Lady Susan by Jane Austen. 
Books Started: Caribbean Crossroads by Connie Sokol
Books Up Next: You know, I'm winging it this month... I have no idea until I'm actually reading it. 

I am thinking wondering: if ennui is a true physical ailment. I have some kids who seem to be very much affected with it! What to do what to do? (Def: A gripping listlessness or melancholia caused by boredom;) Actually, I've been feeling a bit affected too, with reading and blogging and all manner of other normal pursuits. I'm hoping that once this month is over I can concentrate and feel "normal" again. Here's hoping.

I'm grateful for: for my Kindle, because I seem to be warming up to this whole e-reader thing and all my books lately have been on that thing. Truly loving it.

Around the house: Nothing new at all to report, nothing new on the bedroom redoing, nothing organized lately, nothing fixed or rearranged. Nothing. 

Favorite things of the week: Going to see Spiderman. That was sweet. I need to see another one... movie. But there's nothing much else good that's out right now. Just waiting for Batman. Then what's next after that? 

Utah Book Bloggers: If you got an email from me with a blogger interview assignment, I need to know what day in August you'd like to post your interview! Let me know!

Family Matters: Tomorrow everyone works! Here's the schedule for five people: 9 to 1, noon to 6, 10:30 to 7, 11 to 3, and 9 to 6. And I think we'll all have transportation!  Only the youngest will not be out and about, but all this means she has to get herself to violin lessons! If we can fix her bike! Anyway, yeah for "lazy" summer days, right? 

The coming week: Get ready for camp. Both camps. One family, one church. Buy food, plan activities, prepare, try not to stress, stay calm, buy more food, clean trailer. Buy food. Oh wait... is there a book event I'm going to this week? Jenny? Yes? I think so, okay, so not EVERYTHING will be camp prep this week!

Well, I think that's all I have for now. See you around!


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  2. Holy! Holy moly, camp food! Yikes. I wish I could help. I did that calling for 6 years and it took over my life and my house. What can I do??

    You are such a busy beaver. Take the time to enjoy a bit of the ennui. The 'meh's are okay every once in awhile. They will pass and life will be crazy busy and you will be wishing it was not so nutty.

    Make it a great week. Hum, smile, giggle.

    PS - google's playing tricks with me....sorry for the comment removed on the previous log-in. I'm a dork.

    1. Inside: Thanks for the pep talk! That's all I need! :)

  3. Alright, alright. I think Goyte is starting to grow on me. ;)

    I'm glad you're grateful for your Kindle. I rather like the one on my phone.

    I saw Spiderman too and really enjoyed it. I'm very excited for Batman too. What's next, you ask? The Bourne Legacy, that's what!

    I hope are little bookish event will be a nice break from all that planning!

    1. Jenny: He is? Sweet! And is Matt Damon in that Bourne movie? I think not, which makes me a little crazy. We'll see....

  4. just sent the daughter off to camp Friday. she had to fly to another state first. She is determined to go to this camp annually up through forever...

    haven't listened to Goyte much, though I did take a listen after seeing your pin on pinterest. not too shabby.

    waiting for Batman, too. but you ask a good question. what IS next. I see Jenny suggest Bourne Legacy, but I am still trying to warm up to Jeremy Renner.

    ~L (omphaloskepsis)

    1. L: I predict Gotye will grow on you too! :) Yeah, not sure about the Bourne movie either! I do hope you get a chance to see Spiderman though! We'll have to discuss Batman for sure once we've both seen it.

  5. Oh my - I'm getting a little tired of the Goyte song they will not stop playing every where, but I quite like both of those songs! Thanks for sharing.



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