Thursday, July 26, 2012

Character Connection: Elizabeth Bennet

I figured it was about time to highlight a lady character for a Character Connection post and what better one to start with then Elizabeth! Especially as she is fresh in my mind what with my current re-read of Pride and Prejudice and all.
Elizabeth Bennet
from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Ah Elizabeth. Where to start? Here's what I love about her:

  • She is so very witty! She makes me LOL constantly with her subtle and not-so-subtle wise cracks. I think she gets this from her dad. 
  • She seems down to earth and practical. Her other sisters, Jane included, seem (or should we say ARE) a bit flighty and silly and simple. She has a good head on her shoulders and seems to just "get it."
  • She is passionate. She doesn't do things half-heartedly. When she falls, she falls fast and hard!
  • She is swayed by prejudice, of course, which moves this story. But she doesn't have the pride to let that stop her from changing her mind. That's cool.
  • She is a perfect match for Mr. Darcy!
  • She has a gazillion nicknames!
I don't know what else, she is just basically an all round fun character. What do YOU love about Elizabeth?


  1. Love Lizzy (and all her nicknames). Really, it's cause she is so smart, but also not the nicest person. If she was smart and nice and pretty, she'd be boring. Rather like Jane :)

  2. I do love Lizzie. I'm a Captain Wentworth fan, but if I'm choosing a favorite Austen heroine, it's got to be Lizzie, for exactly all the reasons you outlined. Thanks for posting!



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