Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Sunday Salon: LTUE Meltdown

Outside my window: It's Saturday night and dark outside. But it's been nice today. I think. I was inside a building all day long though so don't take my word for it.

I am listening to: My YouTube favorites playlist, something I find myself doing quite often these days. The very moment the song Apollo Vibes by Pole Folder and CP is playing. It's a weird one.

Song of the week: I have no song of the week to share with you, but I was in a major Josh Groban mood. So here you go:

TV Talk: Still waiting for some one to shine forth in American Idol, but the first week of Hollywood was pretty much out of control and quite fun to watch. I missed The Vampire Diaries this week and am still waiting for it to appear online. Downton Abbey last week was fun as always and had many interesting surprises going on. Patrick? Real or not real? I really hope not. And what's going on with Mr. Bates anyway? 

Reading Report
Books I've finished: None!
Books I've started: I started Finnikin of the Rock, and Overbite.
Books I want to start: I have to start Atonement or it's not going to happen.

I am thinking: that I'm so very tired. So so very tired! 

I am grateful for:  the opportunity to hang out with authors and writers for three days with Jenny! We had fun, but got sick of sitting!

What I learned this week: Wow, a lot. One thing I learned is that POD means Print on Demand and for us as readers that means you pay $20 for a paperback.

Around the house: House? What house?

Recipe of the week: I made homemade Mac and Cheese which always one of my favorites. You make a basic white sauce, add a lot of cheese to it, and mix it in with cooked macaroni, then baked it for a bit. It's amazing how yummy it is!

Favorite things of the week: Going to LTUE with Jenny of course, as already mentioned, also meeting Rebecca Stead, though that feels so long ago now (Tuesday) that I hardly remember it. I actually don't remember much about anything of this past week. It's quite the blur.

Family matters: The youngest survived Suzuki Graduation from Book Five, the college daughter has turned into a major dating machine, the college son is "enjoying" trying to figure out accounting, and the brand new 17 year old wants a car in the worst way. 

Letter Writing Month: I sent out about five cards/letters and two postcards. And I received one back so far. And at LTUE I met and talked to Mary Robinette Kowal, instigator of the whole thing. 

Things I hope to accomplish in the coming week: Recoup from being AWOL from mom duties for three days, watch last week's Vampire Diaries, read Atonement, have book club, send out six more letters at least (including Valentines-y ones), Valentine's Day?, print some pictures at Costco, write LTUE post, finish Inheritance, clean the toilet, watch the new Survivor, do some Zumba, count carbs, and sleep whenever possible.


  1. I was really wondering as I was watching American Idol this week if it is often like that during Hollywood week and they just finally decided to show how stressful it is or if this season really was a new high (low?) in craziness.

    1. I wonder too. At the very least, I hope they realize something might need to be changed.

  2. Love the family Matters report. Oh the wanting of a car - poor kid.

    I have a homemead mac-n-cheese type dish. very yummy. should post about it. What is your basic white sauce?

    Congrats to for keeping up a Month of Letters. I am doing fairly well. Very neat that met Kowal.

    Busy week ahead - i wish you the stamina needed to accomplish all that you have planned. :)

    1. Basic white sauce... a couple tablespoons of butter whisked with a couple of flour, then add milk and seasonings.

      I was going to write a bunch of letters today and have yet to do it...not even time in the day.

  3. Clean the toilet.....L.O.V.E. it! Will you make housecalls?!?!

    Thanks for your honesty!!! You make me feel better AND smile!

    May you be blessed with naps!

    1. Now house calls, sorry! And thanks for the nap wishes. I hope to have a lot this week.

  4. Ugh I can feel the tiredness dripping from this post and totally understand. How can something so fun be painful?!

    I'm exited about getting something in the mail from you and book club. I'm going to have to hunker down and read like crazy if I plan on finishing it.

    With all you have going on I don't know if counting carbs this week is a good idea but if you stick to it for a week I'm curious if you'll lose as much as I did my first week.

    1. There's always stuff going on so counting carbs will always be hard. My guess is even if I succeeded, I won't lose much or anything.

  5. I am dripping with tireds today too-spent 3 days with my Grandys and they wear me out! Downton Abbey is our new favorite and after catching up on past episodes early last week it has been agony waiting for tonight to arrive--,my personal opinion? Patrick is a fake!
    Take care and rest up...



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