Friday, February 3, 2012

TV Review: The BBC's Sherlock

Awhile back when I was about to commence watching BBC's new version of Sherlock  Kailana of The Written World mentioned she was about to do the same thing. Then Melissa of One Librarian's Book Reviews chimed in that so was she! You've heard of read a longs? Well, we decided to do a "watch" along. It took us a a few months to watch these three 1 1/2 hour episodes, but yes, we've finally done it!

And now, we feel the need to review the experience just as we would a book read along. Here are a few questions we've asked each other with my responses.

What's your favorite thing about this show?

The banter between Sherlock and Watson. Priceless and so funny. As is my norm, I get more out the character interaction than I do the actual plot. These characters are wonderful and definitely my favorite part of the show.

What's your least favorite thing?

There's not a whole lot to NOT like, but as in all mystery type stories, I don't really care about solving the actual crime, but this show makes the "how" interesting and very fun.

Let's talk more about the characters...

Sherlock... he's a strange boy he is. Very witty, of course and extremely observant, but harsh and a bit mean and wow, does he ever rub people the wrong way or what? I think there's some vulnerability down under there somewhere that maybe we'll see eventually. The actor has the most awesome voice ever, I love it.
Watson... he has some issues, does he not? A little jumpy, a little leery of everyone. Does he like Sherlock, or just tolerate him? Is he a little scared of him? I'm not sure, but I get that feeling anyway. 

What was your favorite episode of the three?

I think the last one. The middle one I watched while distracted, so maybe that was the problem there. I need to re-watch it or something. But that last one was crazy fun! (Should I know the name of it? Okay, looked it up... The Great Game.) Meeting Moriarty creeped me out big time! Wow, he was insane!

Do you like how the show is set in the present day? 

Yes, I like it. I think it's really fun. Though I saw someone somewhere say that the first episode of the next season doesn't work so well in the present day, so I'm anxious to see if I agree or not. But it does give quite a different feel for it. I wonder what Mr. ACD would think?

Have you ever read the original novels? If so, how do you think the characters compare to those in the books? (And if you haven’t, does watching the spin-off shows and movies make you want to?)

I've read two of the original books... A Study in Scarlet (which I did not like) and Hound of the Baskervilles (which I liked.) I don't remember what I thought of the characters much from the books (it was probably more about the mystery and less about the characters) so I think these TV characters are much more fun and three dimensional.

What do you think of how while Sherlock is thinking words appear on the screen instead of the watcher being left in the dark.

I absolutely LOVE this! I think this is one of the best things they've thought of for this remake of the stories. It's so cool. The directing and special effects, and even the music, are all wonderful.

What do want to see in the second season?

I think Sherlock likes that nurse, yes? And he is going to give himself away before it's over! I want Watson to stand up to Sherlock a little more and gain some confidence. And like I said above, I want to see Sherlock show some vulnerability.

Bottom line: I'm loving this show! I can't wait to watch the next set of three, whenever they become available, or I find them online somewhere. I highly recommend this show to you all, especially if you love stuff the BBC does like I seem to be doing these days. I swear, anything they do will be amazing.

Oh, and P.S. Did you guys catch the blogger line? Because Watson is a blogger, and he asked Sherlock, "should I come too" and Sherlock says  something like "yes, of course, what would I do without my blogger along?" That was great.

Be sure to check out Kailana's and Melissa's take on the show (links above.) Also, another awesome blogging buddy, L from omphaloskepis has been raving  much about the show lately. And she's watched the second series too even.


  1. The intricacies of these plots are amazing and I love that they're working them into present day.

  2. I love this show. The next set of episodes doesn't come to the states until May, but I can't wait! Also, both of the main actors are in the upcoming film The Hobbit. Sherlock is Smaug! Awesome.

    1. Well, I know Watson is The Hobbit! But I didn't know about Sherlock. Cool. Mostly, regarding The Hobbit, I'm excited about Richard Armitage! :) Anyway, May, huh? I will keep a look out.

  3. Great recap! Almost makes me not want to even do mine. But I think it might be up by tomorrow, so we'll see. I think I heard the next season is showing here in May...

    1. Hey, you still should do one, silly! I will be watching for it!

  4. i'm am so glad you liked the show, and even happier that next season should give you what you want--to an extent.

    Moriarty is creepy insane, isnt' he?!

    The lettering gets a bit more playful in season 2, but while I think it cheesy in most shows/films, I think it's wonderfully done here. I was a bit worried about the modernization, but they have really gone boldly forward and I have since really warmed to it.

    (thanks for the linking, btw...and the use of "awesome").


    1. I so look forward to it! Oh, and yes, I do tend to use the word awesome a bit overmuch, but still, when I use it, really do mean it! :)

  5. Argh, don't tempt me with another show! ;)

    1. I think you'd love it...I really really do! :)

  6. This was a lovely post about a fabulous tv show! I saw it last year and it instantly went on my then-Christmas list. Since then I've watched them all through again, and then PBS had the third on one last week so we watched that again. I love the interplay between the two also, and how brilliant Sherlock is - and how other characters respond to his aloofness, and his weariness at having to explain everything (even while he loves to show off) I think it is brilliant writing and acting, and can hardly wait to see the next series. Now I'm off to see what Kailana and Melissa thought about it too!

    1. His weariness... I love that too. He is such a crazy boy. It is brilliant.

  7. I loved this series, as well. So disappointed it was only 3 episodes. I'm so hoping the next season has more episodes. I felt like I just got invested in the characters and it was over!

  8. This version of Sherlock is considerably more aggressive than the canonical one. Andrew Scott's Moriarty is over the top as well.

    Freeman's Watson and Gatiss's Mycroft are pitch-perfect though :)



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