Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge Host Sign Ups

UPDATE: We have now closed sign ups for mini challenge hosts. Thanks to those who signed up! We have an awesome line up!

If you missed the news, Bloggiesta (the fun blogathon event created by Natasha of Maw Books) is back! (Click here if you missed the intro post with some general info.) Part (a lot) of the fun of this event is to encourage those who know how to do blogging things (especially the technical aspects of blogging) to share with those of us who do not! In order to do this, we are asking for several bloggers to host a mini challenge as part of Bloggiesta where they share a tutorial on their blog and help participants during the actual Bloggiesta event. You can choose your own topic or pick from this list of ideas:

  • How to put social media icons on your side bar
  • How to put star ratings in your review posts
  • Best way to make labels work for you
  • How to embed a Youtube video (and size it for your blog post)
  • How to make a creative header and add it to your blog
  • How to use Google Analytics
  • How to use Facebook to promote your blog
  • How to use Pinterest to promote your blog
  • How to use Twitter to promote your blog
  • Cool things you can do with gmail (or yahoo) to keep your email organized
  • SEO for Dummies
  • Goodreads for Dummies
  • Sidebar help... what do you REALLY need there?
  • Cool android and iphone/ipad apps that bloggers need
  • How to set up a Mobile viewable site
  • Plug-ins for Wordpress sites, which to use & not to
  • Publisher Etiquette how to’s - sending reviews & contacting for reviews
  • How to create a vlog and great video editing software
  • Get to work - write “X” number of reviews.
  • Protecting your blog - Copyrighting
  • HTML Basics
  • Monetizing how to and where to go to do it.

If you feel you have some expertise in these or any other areas of blogging and would like to participate in Bloggiesta as a mini challenge host, please fill out the form below. If you have hosted a challenge in a previous Bloggiesta event and would like to add that post to our list of resources this time around, you will also need to fill out the form. (This form can be found both here and over at There's a Book, but you'll only need to fill it out in ONE of those places!)

Thanks for your help! Let us know if you have any questions!


  1. I know how to do quite a few of these things, but I use a self-hosted Wordpress blog not a free Blogger or Wordpress blog. Do you think I can still help? I'm just not sure if all the instructions will be same if that makes any sense.

    1. Jenni, Yeah, makes sense, but I don't know. Hmmm... is there something that would probably work for all blogs? I'm sure you can help in some way, even if it ends up not applying to everyone.

    2. I think there are a few things that I can do. The plugins for the free Wordpress and the self-hosted Wordpress blogs are the same, I'm pretty sure. And, if not, I have lots to say about sidebars and what should/shouldn't be on them, lol.

    3. I agree. I think you could help even if you only focus on Wordpress. There may end up being some challenges that focus only on Blogger, so it would be nice to have a good balance. I say go for it! :o)

  2. Yay! I'm so excited! I just sent in my idea. (Well, your idea really, but I expanded.) :)

  3. Ha! I laugh because I am the person who needs these kinds of posts the most. In fact, I want to know how you got two rows for your pages tabs at the top of your blog (mine just crowds them all together without making a nice new row).

    1. Melissa, so yeah, I know nothing. My tabs just do the two rows on their own. My guess it's probably just how it's set up to do it for the particular layout template that I have picked. And at first I was going to try and have less tab pages, but then I didn't like how it looked unless the WHOLE row was filled in. So it's either a few tabs (for one row) or ALL of them for the second row!

  4. Here are some things I would like to learn or fix on my blog:
    Sidebar reorganization and simplification
    How to improve various aspects of your website grade
    How to build your facebook page

    1. I think we will be addressing several of those! Yay!

    2. Wish I could think of something to teach. I am still on the learning side of blogging. Hopefully, others with more experience will sign up so I can change that. So glad Bloggiesta is back!

    3. I want to learn how to make sidebar buttons fit in the sidebar, I notice sumtimes they go into the middle section or are too big and look out of whack.

  5. I just signed up! I was sitting on this for a couple of days and then all of a sudden a light bulb went off in my head! I'm hoping my bloggiesta post is unique!

  6. Ooh, I just thought of another topic! What about: Branding your blog? This could be about why creating a brand is professional (and looks better to publishers and readers), branding implications, how to brand your blog, maintaining your brand across social media platforms, etc..

    I could do this topic if the other ones don't work out. Can you tell that I REALLY want to host a mini-challenge? :)

    1. I hope you do a post on this, I really am interested in just that. I have wondered the same things myself but had no clue where to look to find the info.
      It's spread out all over the internet and to have sum1 condense it into a post would really rock.



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