Friday, June 3, 2011

Music Stuck in My Head: Rockapella

We bought season tickets this year to our outdoor theater! This has been a tradition for years at our house, and we've seen some really awesome concerts, but it's been hit and miss for us ticket-wise for the past few years  Anyway, not this year! We have tickets, so you'll have to live it all with me!

Our first concert was this week on Memorial Day and we got to see, once again, Rockapella! They've come several times in past years and even though the members of their group have changed quite a bit, they are still so very cool and so much fun to listen to... and watch dance! Wow, smooth moves!

Here's what it was like:

Here's what made them famous:

And here's their new song, Bang, which I could only find in this Rock Band version (except for this teeny bit on a radio show):

Here's the older bunch singing one of our favorites, which we begged them to do at this most recent concert... and so they did!

So much fun! I loved it!


  1. LOL! I remember going to one of their concerts when I was a teen and my friend had a huge crush on one of the guys. When he took his shirt off she just about lost it. Good times.

  2. I can see why this music is stuck in your head. I bet they are fun to watch live; full of energy.



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