Friday, June 17, 2011

Music Stuck in My Head: David Archuleta

So awhile back when I was gushing about the fact that we got to meet David Archuleta, one of my best blogging buddies, Ibeeeg, mentioned in a comment that she knows nothing about him, which, I'm guessing, could be the case for many of you, so of course, a post highlighting him is in order.

David Archuleta is our very famous, very loved, local American Idol celebrity. He was on the show about three years ago (season 7 I think) and made it to the finals, but didn't win, losing out to David Cook. We loved cheering him on (though I must admit that season my favorite was Jason Castro!) and when the top ten went on tour, of course we went to the concert.

When David came on stage that night, we screamed for him forever, to the point that he could hardly sing and in fact broke down in tears. Was this a nice thing for us the audience to do? I'm not sure, but we couldn't help it and it was so much fun to show our love to him by screaming fanatically!

Anyway, he's since  made two albums and a Christmas album, plus the book about his rise to stardom, which includes the story about a major injury to his vocal chord that made everyone think he wouldn't be a singer after all. All this before he was 16 years old. Then he goes on to be on American Idol at age 17. Quite the story. And he's quite the kid, being so cute and humble and sweet through it all.

Here's some footage we took when he did the "hometown visit" thing during his American Idol run. What a blast that was!

Here he is singing on the finale that year:

His current hit:

And just so you can see what I was talking about with the screaming at the concert, here's a little clip of that:

And now you know!


  1. I think he's absolutely adorable. And, I love his voice, too! :)

  2. Loved the David day video. Thank you for the article.



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