Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who Would I Let Date My Daughter? Or Not.

The other day Angie (of Angieville) posted a list of book character guys she wouldn't mind her daughter dating. So I thought it would be fun to copy her and make my own list of acceptable dudes for my own daughter especially since for me, this is very much a current event because I have a dating 18 year old daughter who is having all sorts of "fun" boy issues this summer!

It would be okay, though, if she went out with:

Gilbert Blythe because he's always on the top of the list of perfect "boy next door" sort of guys.  A real guy, who doesn't start off on  the best foot with us in the book, because he's a tease, but then it doesn't take long for him to work his way into our hearts, because we know deep down inside how caring and passionate he is.

Laurie of Little Women fame, because he just seems so fun! Or should we say cute and fun. Cute and nice and fun. And Jo, Jo, Jo.... I just never understood how things turned out. What were you thinking?

Charles Bingley, and I pick him over Mr. Darcy just because he seems quite a bit more fun and light hearted and easy going, if you know what I mean. Thought he (Mr. Bingley) is a little overly influenced by his friends and didn't stand up to them (Mr. Darcy) when he needed to, which always bugged me. Also, as I'm thinking about it, all the Jane Austen/Elizabeth Gaskell/etc. guys just seem too old for an 18 year old really. What do you think?

Gideon from My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters by Sydney Salter. I said when I reviewed this back awhile go that this guy has become one of my favorite leading guy characters. Mostly because he just so well-rounded with tons of interests that make he,himself, fun and interesting. And who cares if he has a big nose? Sheesh.

Fang, but let's get him a little older. He's the strong, silent, dark and brooding type to the T, and we should throw one of those kind in here for fun! Strange how most of the fantasy character guys didn't end up on this list...I seriously can't think of one that I'd truly be happy with dating my daughter. Who am I forgetting?

But stay away from:

Edward and Jacob both, because they are just too intense and can make a girl crazy.

Heathcliff, of course, for obvious reasons, even though I feel for him.

Same goes for Holden Caulfield, he is just too messed up, even though he so desperately needs a friend.

Alex and Carlos, from the Perfect Chemistry books, because even though they are decent in the end, at first they are after only one thing. Besides that, it would freak me out if someone like them appeared at my door.... just sayin'.

On the fence with:

Eugenides from The Queen's Thief books. Okay, so I love him to pieces, but, would he actually be good for my daughter? I think he would scare me, actually. He's a bit intimidating. He would be hard to get to know, he would be quite scary looking because of his... you know... accessory. I think it would take a bit for him to make us feel comfortable with the idea of dating the daughter!

Both Gale and Peeta, because seriously, I can't decide between the two myself, and they both have issues and they both have strengths and man, I just don't know. Which one would you rather see at your door for your daughter? Or neither actually?

Well, that was fun! :)


  1. I think you've made some good selections for your daughter!

  2. I always think Henry Huggins would have grown up to be an awesome boyfriend/dad. And Matt Cruse from the Airborn books--if I had a daughter I would probably fight her for this one!

  3. Awesome list, Suey! Really. And your daughter is just lovely.

    I had to laugh picturing the look on your face were Alex or Carlos to show up on your doorstep. LOL.

  4. lol

    I didn't even think of Laurie... hmmm.

    Oh and I totally second Matt Cruse!!

  5. What a hoot! I totally wouldn't want my daughter to date Mr. Darcy either - too brooding :) Gotta keep those teenagers away from the drama!

  6. What a fun post!

    With 19yo and 14yo daughters, I think I'm going to have to make a list of my own!

  7. What a fun question!

    And for a second, I got Bingley mixed up with Mr. Collins and I was like "Whhhhaaatttt?" But then I realized who you were talking about!

  8. 人生像一杯茶,若一飲而盡,會提早見到杯底..................................................

  9. Great post. Wouldn't it be nice if we could actually help our daughters to do this, and find guys that we like from the books we read.

  10. Serena: Yeah! I like 'em! :)

    Jana: I can hardly remember Henry... but I bet you're right! Matt Cruse? I must investigate.

    Angie: Yeah, well, about Alex and Carlos... they are cute and all... but....

    Britt: Love Laurie! But who is this Matt Cruse you are all talking about???

    Amused: Weird about Mr. Darcy, huh? Yes, drama is not fun, in books yes, in real life, not.

    Alison: Oh, I will keep my eye out for your post. Yes, think about who you'd really be okay with actually showing up for a daughter, it's a fun brain exercise.

    Jenners: Oh man, I'm glad you figured out that it wasn't Mr. Collins. Freaky!

    Jan: Yes, it would be fun! Now, what I should do is ask my daughter herself who she would love to go out with. It would be interesting to see if it matched up, huh. Hmmm... I'll have to ponder.....

  11. Oh Suey, you must read Airborn! :)

  12. GREAT list! I agree with every one!

  13. Yes, we all love Gilbert!!! I can't believe you're not all for Mr. Darcy though too? He seems like the ultimate in protective, doting man type. Wait...I want him, so yes, you're daughter can date Bingley! LOL.

    Great, fun list.

  14. I'm not familiar with everyone you listed but of the ones I am, I'd totally agree. Except for maybe Charles Bingley because he has that nasty sister. And I'd had Mr. Darcy because he a) has no parents to turn out to be awful in-laws b) is rich c) has a lovely sister d) admits when he's wrong and apologizes.

  15. Britt: Yes, it sure sounds like I must!

    Andi: I do love my list. :)

    Becky: I DO love Darcy!

    Lisa: Okay okay, add Darcy to the list! :)

  16. Joe Willard from the Betsy-Tacy series.

  17. This is a fun post!

    Of the top of my head, I would want my daughters to date a man like Jamie Fraser. Yeah, he would be my first pick. Beyond him, I am going to have to think. I suppose there can't be 4 Jamie Fraser type men, can there? I have 4 daughters.

    Anyway, I came across your blog because of your The Great Hunt review. I am really liking your blog, and will be visiting more often.



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