Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I've Had It With You Supernatural Genre!

Wow, I've been a lax blogger lately. I guess it's summer, huh?

So here's what I'm thinking today. I've decided that I'm just plain tired of the supernatural/paranormal genre. I know, many of you have arrived at this place long ago, but I always thought I'd hang out in this genre for a quite awhile. But, I've changed my mind. I need a long, long break from it.

Many of you have raved about The Demon's Lexicon. So I tried it and after 60 or so pages I was... bored. So since it's due (make that overdue) at the library, I'm taking it back.

Many of you have raved about City of Bones and accompanying series. So I tried it. At first, it was okay, but after 100 pages, I'm... bored again. Whoa, it's so very complicated these magical worlds. My head is spinning. So, since it's due (overdue) at the library, I'm taking it back too!

I've also read the first chapter or so of Spells and so far haven't been grabbed. Since I bought the book, I will read it. But have put it aside for now.

Captivate is going okay, but I put it on the treadmill and it's been sitting there awhile. I think I'll upgrade it to the book of focus and finish it soon. It's a borrowed book, so it needs to be read and returned!

Now, my problem is to determine if this is a mood thing... or a sick-of-a-genre thing. My guess is that I'll try these DNF books another day. But I'm going to give it a long awhile. I really truly think I've been supernatural-ed out for the time being and I want books about realness.

So I'm off to the library to get that cowboy book that Susan suggested.

But there's another dilemma. I also have Shiver on hold.

What do you think? Is it just a mood thing? Or something bigger than that? Is there a reason I should NOT leave these particular books as a DNF?


  1. I wouldn't have touched that genre with a 10 foot pole. No wonder they are DNF!
    Pieces of Sky looks good.
    I just finished The lost summer of Louisa May Alcott -- it was a perfect summer read.

  2. I definitely go through moods about genres. I call it a mood even though it may take me a few years to go back to it. There is so many books and so little time, might as well enjoy what your reading!

  3. I love fantasy, but I agree there is too much right now. I'm taking a break!

  4. I tried a few a while back- one about a shapeshifter which seems to be very popular, another about vampires... both were DNF for me. I just got... bored! O well.

  5. You didn't like the Cassandra Clare books? What is wrong with you??! Kidding, kidding. I hope "the cowboy book" is to your liking. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it since I'm not usually too keen on westerns or romances. I'll be interested to see what you think ...

  6. You didn't like Demon's Lexicon? Uh oh, Angie is going to come after you in your sleep I think...

    Maybe it's YA fiction that you are burned out on right now. I am sick of paranormal as well though. I haven't really been sold on it from the beginning though.

  7. Gerbera: LOL! Well, sometimes it's fun, really.

    Stephanie: You are right. I will be back.

    Sharon: Fantasy is still good with me, it's just the paranormal bit that I'm so tired of.

    Jeane: Yep, oh, well is right. But do feel weird that these books which are so popular are not doing it for me.

    Susan: I KNOW! What IS wrong with me! :)

    Emily: Dang, I'm scared to death of Angie. Really!

  8. I loved The City of Bones and that whole series, but that's just me.:) I'm a little Supernatural-ed out as well. I just read a few Dystopian books and loved them. The one I read most recently was Birth Marked. It. Was. Awesome. Anyway, I totally agree with you on Paranormal getting to be too much. I hope you find some other books to read soon!:)

  9. I totally get it. I have to rotate from these supernatural books to something completely different or I go crazy. BTW, if Captivate is driving you crazy, I won't be hurt if you don't read it.

  10. Chantele: I truly think I'll come back to that series.

    Techno: I am liking it, really. In fact, I think that's what I'm going to go read right now!

  11. It's probably just a mood. If I inundate myself with classics for work, I find I'm sick to death of them in no time. Granted, they don't have the flash of Harry Potter, but I'm sure you just grow tired of reading the same thing. I recently found myself aching to read something I would in grad school. See...mood, I say! :) Maybe like cravings??? I'll have to ponder that one... :) (If you want something fun & western-like, I was surprised by how fun and engaging "The Confidential Life of Eugenia Cooper." Fun little book w/ a twist of old-time romance.)

  12. It's probably a mood! I can't read too much supernatural stuff in a row either, i always make to mix it up. Read a few 'normal' books and I'm sure you'll be able to get into the supernatural ones again!

  13. If you've read quite a few in the row and you're bored...I think its your're not into reading those types of books at the moment.

  14. LOL
    Totally probably a mood thing. I am such a mood reader. I have a terrible time reading anything I'm not in the mood for!

  15. I think what's happening is a realization that in sub-genres like this the themes get used up pretty quickly and unless you find that one amazing author, you can bored with those themes. I loved the paranormal until it got taken over by the teen market with the explosion of the Twilight series, then I felt that's all anyone was writing for. The extreme is the romance novel in disguise of paranormal. I really don't want to read about everyone having sex thank you very much! So I went back to traditional fantasy and sci-fi and have been very happy! When I get bored I read a drama from general fiction.

  16. I hope it's just a phase...I really loved Demon's Lexicon and City of Bones! Definitely I need a break from certain types of books when I read a lot in a row. I'm feeling a little need for something other than fantasy. I need a little nonfiction or something.

  17. I think the entire market is over-saturated with paranormal books because of Twilight. I bet if you take a long enough break, you'll be ready to come back to it - in small doses. :)

  18. I go through phases like this as well. Last year I couldn't read any YA book for about 6 months because I just couldn't stand it any longer. Now I'm back to reading a TON of YA. Take a break, you'll come back to it eventually.

    And hmm. I nearly bought The Demon's Lexicon the other day. I still might and hope that you were bored because it was the wrong timing..



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