Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: Captivate by Carrie Jones

Book: Captivate by Carrie Jones
Genre: YA paranormal
Rating: A-
For: Fun
From: Borrowed

This book began it's life with me as my treadmill book. And it was going okay. I liked it fine and all was well. Somewhere along the way I got sick of the paranormal stuff. But I still had this book to finish with this really good start I'd made with it.

Because of that, I feel like this book didn't get a very good chance with me. I took it off the treadmill just to finish it and "get it out of the way" so I could move on to my "no more paranormal books for awhile" motto. So that makes me kinda sad really. It got lost in the middle of a bad timing with my personal reading moods! Poor thing.

Anyway, it's the second in the series which started with Need. It continues Zara's story with her friends Nick, Devyn and Issie, most of whom have special powers. They have to deal with the mess of sorts they created as the first book ended. And it involves Zara's dad who is not so nice, really.

Then on to the scene comes a new guy, or course, who is going to give Nick a run for his money. He has blonde hair and amazing green eyes and he tells Zara they are destined to be together. But she knows that's not true because she is destined to be with Nick, but suddenly Nick is in big time trouble and she can't save him without the help of the new guy. Dilemma big time!

What I really enjoyed about this book is the writing style. Quick and punchy and witty and snappy. Very fun. And even though I'm giving these types of book a bit of a break, I'm invested in this one now and will keep going to see what Zara does!

Bottom line: I enjoyed it a lot.

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  1. Never could read on the tread mill, but for some reason had no trouble with the elliptical.
    I sometimes think second books just don't live up to the first so maybe that is just what happened here. Still I always want to read the whole series even though they one might not grab me.



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