Friday, July 2, 2010

Review: My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions by Becca Wilhite

Book: My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions by Becca Wilhite
Genre: YA Romance
Rating: A
For: Fun
From: I bought it.

This was just what I needed after the heaviness of Little Bee. It was perfect! I totally enjoyed this simple story about a girl, Sarah, who goes off to college and tries to not be worried about her love life. But of course she is. But right off the bat, and much to her surprise, she is getting attention from a way cute guy, Ben.She doesn't understand why and she doesn't believe anything is true about the relationship that follows. She is insecure and not confident and nearly messes everything up because of that!

It was light, funny, cute, clean, romantic and just plain fun. And as I already said, perfect for a fast summer read.

Bottom line: I loved it.

For more about author Becca Wilhite check out her official site here.

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  1. I LOVE the format of this book review! Short, concise, informative --- PERFECT!



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