Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Randomness

So here's what I'm thinking today:

** July wasn't such a great reading month, especially compared to June. Here's hoping things perk up in August! Do you ever find you have a great reading month and then a not so great reading month right next to each other?

** So we finished season one of Prison Break and Oh. My. Gosh what a ride that was! And now we have to somehow get our hands on season two ASAP! And also now I have most definitely added to my celebrity crush list. Wentworth Miller I'm looking at you dude! Anyone know what he's doing these days? Anyway, watching TV shows this way is such a blast but it sure does cut into the reading time.

** I got more library books this week that I put on hold months ago. And they are mostly the paranormal genre still. Yes, I can't seem to truly give it the break it needs. I also got books in the mail from that Shelf Awareness promotion that I'm guessing many of you also participated in. Most of those are paranormal-ish too! So much for my resolve to shake things up a bit! What do you think? Should I read all these new books anyway?

** I dreamed my garden shriveled up and died last night. Kinda funny but after seeing a certain movie over the weekend, I got look at dreams the same way. What do you think about dreams? My dream only meant that I'm bugged because I keep forgetting to water!

** Today we are heading to an extended family reunion to spend the day and talk and play. I wonder if anyone will talk books with me? Do people talk books with you at family gatherings? Also, I'm getting Toto back after her being gone at camp all week. It's been a weird week, and I'll be glad to see her again!

** Have I dished about Josh Groban lately? No? Well, let's fix that shall we?  He keeps promising a new album by fall. I'm holding him to it! Do you realize how long it's been since a new album? Not counting the Christmas one? Like FOUR years! That's a long time to wait. A long long time. In the meantime, he's showing us all the pictures he's had taken of him for this new album. Here's my favorite:

** Okay, I'm off. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


  1. I love your random comment posts. They are like having a conversation with you. I WISH that people would talk books with me at family gatherings!!! I have one SIL who reads a ton and always has good recommends, it's just finding the time, place and peace to do it!!

    Thanks for the info on Mr. Josh...he's on my iPod as we speak and I was missing him.

    My whole summer has been a bomb as far as book reading, maybe my mojo is around the next corner. I say keep reading whatever books appeal to you, no matter the genre or the boycott, that's the beauty of having so many awesome opportunities. You can always close the book and walk away.

    Enjoy and have a great catch-up-reunion....make some real memories!

  2. I do like your random thoughts...very fun and interesting to read.

    My family does not talk books with me. Actually, besides my 10-year old daughter...I do not have any avid readers in family. well, I guess technically I husband's cousin, but honestly I look at her more as my best friend than my relative (if you knew my husband's family then you would know what I mean). Sometimes, when I am at a family function, and if I am in the midst of a great is VERY hard for me to be social. I want to read...or my thoughts are on the story. This is an issue of mine that I am working on. :)

    Josh Groban is great. Love his music, but I have not liked him long enough to know that it has been FOUR years of fans suffering for a new album. For your sake, I do hope his album does come out this fall. Geesh...his new release frequency sounds like the frequency of releases from my two favorite authors. Hmmm...

    I hope you have a great weekend! Me, I am working.

  3. Inside a Book: Ha! I'm glad someone likes them! :) And today, I actually did have a few people talk books! Sort of.

    Ah Josh. I seriously don't think a day goes by that I listen to him.

    Your reading theory is the best. Just read what you want! :)

    Ibeeeg: I took a book today to the reunion, but didn't touch it. Too much going on I guess. BUT once upon a time, when I was reading The Hunger Games, I took it to a family thing and sat there and read it pretty much the whole time. That was probably pretty obnoxious... but oh, well!!

    Yeah, glad you enjoy Josh too! Yes, four years. But he is now promising big things! And this means that next year he'll probably be touring again, which means, I can go see him again!!



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