Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Thoughts and Other Junk

We just got back from camping today, and my brain is fuzzy. But I feel the need to post, so I figured I might, just might, be able to handle a random style one before I completely succumb to some more Gilmore Girls dvds! :) Ah, Rory and Jess.

So yeah, we went camping. I took, I think, five books along. I settled on one, after arrival, and read about 100 pages of it. That one was The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson, which is the sequel to Mistborn. It's okay so far, but hasn't really grabbed me yet.

Then I came home to find The Naming (The first book of the Pellinor series) and an ARC for a new E.L. Doctorow book in my mailbox! PLUS, I just checked out Drood from the library last week, which looks like something totally up my alley. So, now I'm having thoughts of abandoning Vin the Mistborn, for one of these other books. Ah, the stress.

I just watched two very very fun teaser clips from New Moon. But, you can only click here on this link if you are a fan, because, you know, you just won't get it if you aren't! That's because there's lots and lots of fan screaming. I loved it. Ah, Jacob.

So, back to camping. We only had half our kids present. Two oldest kids are off on adventures of their own. I missed them like crazy! I thought it would be great to only have to deal with, and keep track of two kids. But, I think I'd rather have all my kids there with me. Ah, family.

Speaking of which, I thought I'd share a picture I love of my husband and oldest kid who turns... dare I say it... 20 in just a month. Dang, where does the time go? Silly boys.

Well, that appears to be all my random thoughts of the day. Have a nice rest of today!


  1. I'm glad you had fun! Relax now that you're back. Enjoy your books. :)

  2. You have some handsome men in your family!

  3. It's a little freaky when your eldest leaves the "teenage" world behind. Mine will be (gasp!) 25, just months from now. And, he proposed to his girlfriend about 10 days ago, so I'm going to be a mother-in-law at some point in the next two years or so. He said they're not going to make me a grandmother for a while, though. Whew! Thanks. I can wait, actually. :)

  4. Glad you had a fun time! I'm dying to go watch those clips but I'm at work and I don't think it would go over well now ... maybe lunch time will work.

    And I'm right there with you - TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY!

  5. sounds like you had a great time camping. Anna at Diary of an Eccentric has been camping on and off this summer as well.

  6. Amanda: I plan to! Enjoy the books I mean! :)

    Bree: Hey thanks.

    Bookfool: Congrats! I can't even imagine the day yet.

    Heather J: Did you ever get a chance to watch those clips? If you're a Jacob fan you HAVE to at least watch the first one. Yowza!

    Serena: Camping with a trailer is the only way to go!



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