Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review: One Whole and Perfect Day by Judith Clarke

Book: One Whole and Perfect Day by Judith Clarke
Genre: YA
Rating: A

For: The Printz Project (Printz Honor 2008)

This book follows the stories of several members of one family, and how they work to all come together and drop their differences for one whole and perfect day.

There's Lily who feels she is the "sensible" one in her family, the one who cooks, cleans, plans and manages the day to day stuff that keeps them alive. She's even been too sensible for love, and she's sick of it. She's ready to throw caution to the wind and admit to liking Daniel.

There's Lily's brother, Lonnie, who's off to university (as they say in Australia), and barely keeping contact with the family. That's because he's been branded a slacker and no one thinks he can get his life back together. Especially Pop, his and Lily's grandfather.

Pop has his own issues. He finds his mother's wedding dress and it brings back all kinds of memories. Maybe he should make it up with Lonnie. And there's that homeless girl that keeps nagging at his brain.

And the list goes on with all the people in the story and their various stresses. I totally enjoyed the simplicity of this book. The problems weren't HUGE issues, just normal every day type things that everyone has to deal with. At first, it was a little hard to keep track of everyone as the story jumped from viewpoint to viewpoint, but soon, it started to make sense where it was headed and I couldn't wait to see how it all shaped up.

It was wonderful and uplifting, which was quite refreshing to me.

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  1. Wonderful and uplifting sounds good. Since reading The Book Thief I've been more aware of the Prinz Awards.

  2. I have this book out from the library right now. I look forward to reading it. :)



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