Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Post Bingo Take Two Wrap Up

So, I didn't do near as well as last time, but it was fun to try! Here's what I did, or didn't post:

A link post: nope, not a specific link post this time

A Short post: I had a couple, but I'm counting the BBAW Post

An Opinion Post: I gave an opinion and asked every one's opinion on Reading: Luxury or Necessity?

A Poll or Question Post – Dang! This one should have been easy. Oh, well. Next time!

A How-to Post: I couldn't think of anything I was an expert on this time!

A Long Post : I didn't feel wordy either, so none of my recent posts were long enough

A Review Post – I'm counting my
American Idol Concert review instead a book review

A Definition post: nope, not this time

A Personal Post: how about my
TV Talk post about The Gilmore Girls

A Resource Post: I had an idea for this one, but never managed to make it happen. Oh, well.

FREE SPACE – Can I count this week's Weekly Geek with all the movie embedding about
Great Movie Adaptations as this post? I hope so.


  1. Sorry to hear you didn't do as well as last time. I loved the posts that you did manage to do - especially the Luxury one.
    I hope you manage to fit your resource post in soon - I'd love to know what that was!

  2. sounds like you got quite a bit of this task done! congrats.

  3. Sounds like things went pretty well for you. I got 10 of 12 done, but I had to stretch just a little bit. Thanks for participating!



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