Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend Movie Thoughts

This past Memorial Day weekend, we caught up, if only a little, with our movie watching.

First off, we finally got to go see Star Trek. I've been looking forward to this one forever it seems, and would have gone to see the first weekend it was out had life not been so crazy around here. But things have slowed down a bit, so we finally got to go this past weekend.

And of course, I loved it. I couldn't wait to see what Sylar, I mean Zachary Quinto, did with Spock's character, and my conclusion? He was amazing! And I loved all the other people that were cast for all the other characters. It was so cool how you could see the familiar personalities coming through, even though a different person was doing the acting.

And the action, and effects and music and... oh, everything... were all perfect. I loved it.

Then, on another day we went to Wolverine. I came late to the Xmen party, having only caught up with all three movies a year or so ago. So, knowing sort of how Logan became Wolverine, I was a little nervous for this movie. But despite some of the hard-to-watch stuff, I still totally enjoyed it. Pretty cool special effects in this movie too.


  1. I really enjoyed Star Trek too. I haven't seen Wolverine yet, but I want to.

  2. Star Trek and Wolverine are on my list to see this summer.

  3. I've never watched a lot of Star Trek, so when we went to the movie I was worried it might not be accessible for someone who doesn't know the franchise. Even though I felt like I missed out on some of the background jokes, I liked the movie a lot!

    Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

  4. Glad you loved Star Trek! I thought it was fabulous ... and now I'm secretly in love with Spock. :)

    Still have to see Wolverine though. Can't believe I've waited this long!

  5. I really enjoyed Star Trek, too! Glad you did as well! I haven't seen Wolverine yet, but I want to at some point and time!

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