Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2000.17: Mark It Down

This week over at Weekly Geeks, we're talking about bookmarks! I love bookmarks! So, yes, I use them. All kinds, all varieties.

The bookmarks I have include:
  • those my kids have made

  • those that I have made

  • souvenir bookmarks

  • random paper things that have turned into bookmarks

  • bookmarks collected at the Book Fair that I run every year

  • bookmarks I've had for years, from way way back!
Besides "real" bookmarks, I have also been known to use:
  • Kleenexes

  • library receipts

  • magazine subscription paper thingies

That's all I can come up with at the moment. BORING! But a librarian friend once told me that the funniest/weirdest bookmark she found in a returned library book was a pantie liner. Hmmmm. Nice.

My favorite bookmarks lately have simply been ones I made on the computer, just for fun, with a clever bookish quote and matching picture, then laminated. I love them.

I also really love the ones I gathered while on our England trip a few years ago. I would love to make it a habit of gathering more bookmarks of the places we visit, but I forget once I'm out and about. Oh, well.

Another idea I had for a bookmark is to take ticket stubs from concerts that I want to remember forever, laminate them, and use them for bookmarks. What do you think?


  1. I like the picture of York Suey - the shambles?
    I love all souvenir bookmarks, but rarely buy any

  2. Yes, that's the Shambles. One of the coolest places ever!

  3. I think it's a great idea to laminate concert tickets for bookmarks. I love cool bookmarks, but I never use them- I'm always looking for something to jot down notes or unfamiliar words on, so I've come to just using scraps of blank paper.

  4. I am laughing because along with the straw wrappers I use, I also use the magazine subscription thingies too!

  5. I have TONS of cool bookmarks... yet I never use any of them. Sigh.

    Generally I just use the library hold slips. They're already in the book anyway!

  6. haha, I have tonnes of bookmarks. Instead I use receipts, envelopes, random pieces of paper, etc...

  7. Real bookmarks - I have quite a few, and still I use receipts to mark my place.

    I'm beside you on Kim's latest Blog Improvement Challenge - did you want to team up?

    My email address:

  8. I use bookmarks. And also I have used my cellphone as one at times!


    Mark it down

  9. Cool idea to laminate concert tichets! I tend to throw them away :-o

    I didn't know the leather heritage bookmarks are a common commodity LOL (see this picture).

  10. I love the laminating idea too.

  11. It doesn't matter how many bookmarks I have, I can NEVER find one when I need one. I end of just remembering the page number and can usually reopen the book wherever I left off.

  12. Laminating is a great idea. Love the ones you posted.
    Happy Weekly Geeks :)

  13. Your concert ticket stubs would be perfect! Very meaningful. Just don't lose them! :D

  14. Collecting bookmarks from places visited - what a great idea. Looking for sourveniors can sometimes be a pain because you want something to remember a place by but then it winds up as a dust collector or in the trash but a bookmark would be perfect. Its something thats used and seen frequently. Thanks for the idea.

    I've never even thought of making my own bookmarks but that's another great idea (if I had access to a laminating machine).



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