Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Bookword Game: Vote!

Another week has gone by and we've puzzled and pondered to come up with some suggestions for our next Bookword. The type of book we need a name for is simple:

What do you call a book you read after you've seen the movie?

Here are the nominees:

A Screenplay with Detail Book: submitted by

A See-It Read-It Book: submitted by Cheryl

A MovieRead: submitted by Joy

A Reely Read: submitted by Bybee

A Screened Book: submitted by John

A Flick Pick: submitted by That's The Book!

Here's the official poll. Vote away!


  1. hehe, no one's voting for me (even me) I liked the "Screened book" better, that was closer to what I was going for but just couldn't think of it!!

  2. Tonya: I know! Sometimes what you want to say is right there... so close and on the tip of your tongue! But you just can't get it! Then someone else thinks of it and you go, oh yeah! THAT'S it! :)



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