Saturday, November 8, 2008

Author Picture Answers

Well, okay. So I didn't have too many guessers this time around on my author pictures. But here're the answers anyway in case someone out there is interested! Click here to see the pictures again if you need a reminder of what I posted.

Favorite Authors: John Green, Elizabeth Gaskell, Christopher Paolini, and Daphne duMaurier (wow I loved this picture!)

Author I'm currently reading: Wilkie Collins

Authors I've met: James Dashner and J. Scott Savage

Auhtors I want to hear speak : Markus Zusak, John Green

Author I just finished reading: Sara Zarr

Hottest Author (since I couldn't post M.Z. again!): Neil Gaiman

And next week the Weekly Geek theme is to highlight your current favorite author. Have you heard too much about John Green and/or Markus Zusak yet? Or should I go on with the obsession?


  1. Sorry. I looked at them and knew most of them but I was tired of commenting. Sometimes I go into Blog Overload. :)

    I'm reading John Green and would like to hear him and Zusak. We should stalk them together.

  2. just like Nancy, I looked but didn't comment. I enjoyed the post though, and wished I had done one too.

    Too much Zusak? perish the thought.

  3. I didn't know anyone! LOL That's why I didn't guess. I'm a bad reader...I don't pay attention to what the authors look like in most cases...I'm too engrossed in the characters.

  4. Bookfool: I know what you mean about being too tired to comment. And I love the idea about author stalking together! :)

    Raidergirl: Glad you looked! And that's too votes now for more Zusak!

    Serena: You know me and my obsessions!

  5. I missed your post until too late but I would have recognized Sara Zarr. That's the only one I would've gotten!



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